Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Drunk Driver off the road!

About 2:30 this morning, I was awakened with a very uneasy feeling. I thought that it was just the urge to go to the bathroom. So back to bed it was, uneasy feeling still there, trying to go back to sleep. Getting more and more frustrated, I just got up about 4:00, made coffee, and went out and sat on the porch.  I am sitting there with my solitude, sipping hot coffee, suddenly bright lights show up on the road, and they aren't moving any where. My house is about 250 ft off the FM road that runs next to my little 4 acre yard, so off I go being nosy about who is out there. I don't get visitors at 4:30 in the morning. I walk out past the end of the house and see 2 Sheriffs cars, red and blues flashing. Speeder ? A few moments later the Aubrey Fire Dept and EMS showed up, Whats Up?  I am sitting out in my north field watching, I might be Curious Cat. What happened?
 About 2 hours later, still dark outside, the EMS brings someone up the side of the road, in a bag on the gurney. The DPS is here now and they look at the drivers ID, and I overheard the comment," DWI", and he asked, " did he have any prior arrests or convictions for DWI" ?
 Sometime around 2:30 this driver ran off the road and flipped his car. He was crushed by the roof of his car, requiring the jaws of life to get his body free. He was discovered by someone driving by that took the time to call 911. It is not known how long he lived after the crash, what a crappy end to his life, so many questions, luckily he was alone. Around 6:45 the tow truck showed up, quickly picking up the terribly mangled wreck while the DPS videoed the entire affair. All the players in this play left about 7am, all flashing lights were off.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whats Stuffed in Your Console?

When I buy a car for personal use or resale, I always go thru every crevice and cranny the car has. And having done this several hundred times I have developed a idea about the true behavior and habits of people. Finding year old french fries, ketchup packs, mustard packs, used toothpicks, forks, spoons, CD's, old batteries, broken cell phones and chargers. Should I go on?  No, I'll save you the boredom. What is so surprising about the hidden contents is one of disbelief, that these seemingly upper crust people, have a secret life. Always hungry, lazy, sloppy, dirty, need music, sneaking a drink, fear of a breakdown.  Maybe, or they are just hogs wearing a silk shirt.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Just Heard the News

I suppose that I might as well learn something about our grand children's religion. I guess that if the President endorses them and their mosque at ground zero, we might as well get ready for the change. The media and congress support him and all his ideas, and what we the people desire is not an option. We might as well get ready for the change. Happy Ramadan!


What Will They Think Of Next

Who ever designed this Motorcycle has a very vivid imagination.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Where Did All The Mullets Go?

It only seems like yesterday that the Mullet was so popular that there was no way to count them. Man, do I miss them! Not really.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Shock of My Life!

A couple of days ago, after spending the day outside with 100+ degree temperatures, I finally got to go home. I was so tired, that to get in the door was a challenge. So when I got inside, I grabbed a drink and sat down. About 30 minutes later there was a loud banging, knocking, and scratching at the door. Who is at the door and what is the emergency? So I got up and went to the door, opened it and I was totally blown away with what was there! Do you know what was there? I am sure you will be as shocked as me, it was my butt draggin in!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Dashed Hopes

The surefire e-mail rumor was a big hoax!!! I feel so ashamed, I did not send on to the other 20 people. That must mean I don;t love my country, my God, my family, etc. I be back when I stop crying!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Is It Real?

I received an email that is rather shocking. The message said that Fox would do a complete reveal of the current POTUS, August 1, at 9:00 PM Eastern. I don't know how much truth is in the e-mail or if it is a joke. But does it really matter, selling out is the way of this world today!