Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 Buddies go to a Carnival

There were these 3 guys that had been friends from the age of 5. Where you saw one, the other 2 were near by, inseparable to say the least. Because the 3 of them were always hanging out, none of them had ever been married, even though they were in their 20's. They were eating breakfast one Saturday when the idea of going to the Traveling Carnival show. There was a Gypsy Woman there that is supposed to tell the future. This is a great idea, maybe she can tell us where to find wives! They all excitedly agree to meet at 6 and go see the Gypsy Woman. The excitement overwhelms them and they all are early, looking for the tent that the woman is in. After searching for a short time of looking, success, they found it. They get in line and wait their turn for a view of the future. It is so hard to wait! Finally the first of the friends gets called in and his future is read. She finishes and sends him out the other side and calls the next one in. This continues until the third friend has been read. When the last of the friends came out and they gathered up and collectively said,"what did she say?" The first one said that she had told him that he was going to meet a rich girl, get married and become a big business man, live a long life and die happy. The second friend spoke up and said she told him he would marry 3 times, with the third wife being the one that will last, and we would never lack in our lives. Now the first 2 looked at the other and waited. The third friend spoke up and said that the woman told him he would be married several times, out living 4 of them. As a matter of fact I will live until the age of 116. So I asked her what was the purpose of such a long life, and how will I die? You will be the most popular man in the retirement center bringing joy to all the old women. As for your death, you will be shot by a jealous husband.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Visit with an Old Man

I was visiting with an older gentleman the other day, and it was a pleasant chat. We talked about the little house in the country that he lived in. This little house was very clean, nice furniture and a huge bed. He loved his home! He said" I hope to live here until the day I cross over to the other side!"  He really loved his life and enjoyed sharing with others.  With this much joy being shown, I had to ask for advice or a word of wisdom to carry me on the rest of my life.
He said,"well son it is like this, you can tell that you are getting old when the hair in your nose and ears grows faster than the hair on your head." So amazed at this revelation I responded with," Sir, you don't have any hair in your nose or ears." he then said,"I have tweezers and I pull them, and by the way that is how I padded my mattress!" 


Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Desire of Humans to be the only one Correct.

Wow! I have never been so wrong about so many things, more importantly, according to recent conversations, life after death. It has been stressed to me by one individual that it is required of all of us to earn our place in heaven. However, another has firmly stated that we must call the creator by his proper name. Of course, his group is the only one that knows what it is. The list of all-knowing goes on forever. 
When I was young and in the dating scene, many eligible dates were eliminated due to religious differences. Unequal yoke was the reference used most often by all the adult leaders. To ask why was a slap in their collective faces. Accept their authority and the lofty position that the creator had bestowed upon them. Why do people obsess over being right? 
Of course it is not only matters of faith, every part of life is the same. The car you buy, yep heard that one. The house you buy, that to. Where you shop for food, clothes, furniture, gasoline, tacos, burgers. The Doctor you go to, where did they go to school. What team do you follow and believe in. Chocolate or vanilla, malt or shake. What if you want a hotdog instead of a burger. Damn, is there anything that the feeling of right does not come into play.