Sunday, June 20, 2010

Convert or Die, Infidel!!!

As I was perusing some of the other Blogs, there was a story about the dedicated door knockers, disturbing that Blogger at home. The visit was unwanted and was not welcomed. This being an event that is happening all over, often with the same results, with different players, it brought the story of a recent event to mind.
A friend died, within a year of their spouse's death, and the funeral was in a small church west of Jacksboro. The preacher informed all that was there that God is very angry with us! That if we did not repent, it would be us in that box tomorrow. We were also informed that God put us there to hear his message, it was our last chance. Little mention was made about the loved one, Just some 30 something preacher beating his chest and making his bigotry known to all.
If this was an isolated incident, I could mark it up to ignorance. But the man was educated and has degrees in his faith. Bigotry is in everything we experience every day of our lives. Liberals and Conservatives, all races, and all sorts of movements. What does PETA think of anyone that eats meat, trains animals, wears leather or fur. The Church in the middle ages tortured people until they converted, then they killed them so they would remain true.
Does Islam in its pure form give anybody else a break. The uber rich, how much time do they spend hanging out with the poor folks. The elitist know that they are better informed and we should let them make all of our decisions for us. Of course different rules apply to them, they are better than us, as we should know.
All this That I have listed is just the tip of the Iceberg. Bigotry is everywhere, and it is a fact of the human experience, our journey in this flesh. I do not even begin to think that any of these people are even close to being correct. It seems that if you follow the money, you will find the basis of all these true religions, the different movements, awareness groups. I bet that the top officials of these groups are not the true believers their followers think they are. I was involved with a big time Televangelist. Being part of this monstrosity was eye-opening, and sickening. The people at the very top did preach to us, the sermon of remember the bottom line. And by the way don't forget your appearance!
I have one big question, if everyone is the only one that is correct, who is actually right? I guess we will all find out when we get to the other side.