Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Emergency Waiting Room Tales

Recently a friend of mine called and asked if I could pick her up at the hospital and take her to her vehicle. She was in the emergency room for a sudden and painful illness. I agreed and got under way to go get her. I arrived about 30 minutes later, she was still in the waiting room, waiting! I asked what was going on and she said she had been there an hour or better, still waiting to be seen.
Well, I was there, so I decided to wait for her, how long could it be? Some decisions we make are not very good, and this was one of those not very good ones. It was almost 2 hours later when she finally was taken to a room. Fast, huh! While she was in the room I decided that it was a good time to go get some supper.
Went to one of my favorite fast food places, Carl's Jr. I ate rather hurriedly because it should not be long till my friend was released, I reasoned. What a poor thought, she was not out yet when I got back. The only entertainment was to watch the crowd of people bitch about the wait, or play games on the laptop.
Playing games on the laptop was fun until the battery died. So watching was the only thing left to do. I looked at the clock, it was 4 hours since I had arrived. Man, am I ready to go. This entire episode was obviously written by a very cruel taskmaster! I am so ready to go, things to do, places to go, people to see, will this torment ever end? Perhaps my friend is dying, going in for surgery, maybe she is dead? There is only one thing to do, ask! Going up to the check-in is another thing, there is a rumor that people actually work there. It was a huge bother for them to stop chatting and come to the window. "Sorry to bother you" I said, " but did my friend die and nobody has been able to come tell me?" After all it had been almost 7 hours at that point. These wide awake people told me that she was indeed alive and would I like to go back in the ER. "Sure why not, my evening is already ruined, I did have an appointment with a cold beer and my bed"I mentioned, " take back please."
A nurse came and got me and led me to the room. When I arrived, she was sitting on the bed, mad as hell. She had seen the Dr. and he said there was nothing to worry about, she had been given some pain pills and was supposed to call her Dr the next day.
From that point it was another hour until she was released, the only Dr. on duty was sitting at the nurse's desk telling stories and jokes with the nurses and PAs. It is amazing this major hospital only has one Dr on duty in this ER. There is 20 beds, all full, and about 20 people in the waiting room.
My guess is that the bean counters on the board want to make as much and spend as little as is possible. Their road to success is paved over the graves of their patients!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thinking About Thanksgiving

I have already received invitations for Thanksgiving Dinner. It can be a wonderful and delightful gathering, or sometimes it is a circus. Many times the experience has been memorable and fun. Great food, wonderful desserts, and of course Cowboys football. I am from Texas after all!!
As a kid, there was always a huge crowd at our house, lots of relatives we only saw once a year. It was fun to sneak bites of desserts, all the while our mothers were yelling at us to get out of the kitchen. Grandmother would slip us some treats, because she was the mom of all the moms. She had the power to do that. There was always gallons of fresh tea, coffee and of course water.
The table would be set for the adults, and then there was the kid tables for all us young ones to sit down and eat. We would have our meal and dessert, The men would retire to the TV and the moms would clean up the aftermath! Normal by most standards.
The reason for this story is to let you know how I learned the holiday standards. A while back a friend invited me to have Thanksgiving with his family. I felt honored to be invited to such a sacred event with his family! What a surprise awaited me. When we got to his parents house I expected some sort of decorum similar to what was the standard I was raised up with. Wrong! His mother was sitting on the front porch drinking a Natural Light, there was already 6 empty cans on the table beside her. No problem, I thought, maybe there were some other people drinking the same thing. That changed when she said to my friend" I hope you boys brought your own beer"! So we go in the house, his Dad was feeling no pain at all. He was laying on the couch after imbibing a large whiskey on ice. His brother and family were there as well as his 5 time divorced sister, she had her new boyfriend with her. This was the start to an experience that must be told. The table was too small for everyone to sit around, so we just sat anywhere open, sofa, arm chairs, folding chairs, stools and etc. The traditional prayer for his family was short and to the point. Then everybody dug in to the setting. I grabbed some turkey, dressing, rolls, and something that looked like potatoes. I found a place to set and dug in. The first bite and I was looking to throw the rest in the trash! The turkey was drier than cardboard, and it had a taste worse than anything I have ever had. Well I decided to try the dressing, oh my, what a fiasco! I think it was shake and bake, perhaps it started out that way, but something was lost in the preparation. Next was the rolls, did you ever try to eat bread that mortar mix was used instead of flour? My fear overwhelmed me when it came to the potato-like substance, so they were passed over! I pretended to enjoy the food while playing with the fork. When his brother went towards the trash, I followed close behind and disposed of the "meal". My buddy had mentioned that his family always watched the game, so off to the Mini-Mart we went. His brother said he wanted to go along, so we told him to load up.

His brother was already loaded, and I mean loaded. When we got to the only store open in town, that happened to be owned by some people from India, my friends brother started mouthing the store owner. The store owner was a gentleman, he never even began to get upset, he should have thrown the brother out! The brother bought his beer, poured the cans into the ice chest, and threw the trash onto the parking lot. What a drunk Jack-Ass!!! Back to the house, time for the game. Well, mom was on the porch, still drinking, 10 empties now. Dad was in and out!

The game kicked off, I suppose that was the only normal thing experienced that day. The desserts were offered, but I passed, some made up intolerance that was being suffered. Did I mention that the brother and his teenage son were in the front yard getting ready to shoot the plastic reindeer in the yard down the street!

I survived and I am proud to report that this year is going to be different. I hope.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hypertension, Part Deux

The rumors of my premature death have been greatly exaggerated! My old Nemesis, hypertension has attacked again, with a vengeance! Now it seems that things are finally under control and life can get back to normal. There is debris along side the road to recovery. I can no longer enjoy my favorite adult beverage, cold beer. Oh well, it is just the way it is. I now have a little energy to start irritating people again.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Blogging Hiatus, Or Medical Woes to Cherish

The last 30 days have been an adventure in total frustration. It all started with the THE MOVE! Moving is not the most pleasant thing to do, even under the best circumstances. Getting rid of extra stuff, arranging for storage, help moving, a truck, turning off utilities, and on and on! Just when you think that you have all the bases covered, guess what, something else pops up.
With the move out of the way, I was looking forward to happily blogging away. Well the perils of Hypertension decided to attack with a vengeance. The Doctor responded with much alarm, ordering multitudes of tests. Reading the results, and prescribing tubs of pills for daily consumption. After beginning the ingesting of the mass quantity's of pills, I began to stabilize as far as my BP was concerned. However, the result of dropping the pressure 50 points on top and bottom, was drunkenness without drinking. I could barely walk,could not drive, and holding a clear and coherent conversation was not to be. No way I could even put words on paper and make any sense at all. Finally things leveled out.
But fate was not done with me. I got attacked by the Pig, and he bit me. That Pig can bite! First he kicked me in the head, then he body slammed me on the floor. The pain was bigger than I thought he could deliver. He wasn't done with me yet. Then he filled my lungs with junk which made the coughing begin. That Pig is one tough character!
Well things are finally getting back to normal, so here it comes, more Madness!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Peaches and Cream, Change to Dread!

We have been promised changes that will be as good as peaches and cream. Things will be so good that we will forget any hard times that ever happened in our lives. Yes, these changes are going to heal all the troubles that this old world can dish out. And it is so very simple, all we must do is turn off our ability to think. Turn off our morals, concern, logic, or anything else that might interfere with the change.

Now that we have turned off our compassion and logic the magic can begin. First we must start chanting that we are wrong and the President is the only one that's right. Second we will need to completely agree with what ever he says. We will need to enroll our children and grand children in his training camps, he did write the agenda. If he says that we must tattle on someone, so be it. Thinks can then really begin to change. Just think, there will be no old people driving and blocking the road. They will be so much better off not having to bare the burden of old age. We won't have to look for homes for orphans anymore. Those that are unwanted will never exist. There will not be sickness anymore. Universal health care will solve that problem. The soon to be Sainted one says so. Just think, if you don't have the money for insurance, the federal government will tax all that money from you that you should have spent on health care. That way someone who is here illegally can be properly taken care of. You had your chance. So if you get sick, the chance of the board approving treatment for you is slim.

Oh wait a minute, if there are no older people around, what happens in that few short years when I am there? The more I look at this man and his mission, the more parallels seem to exist that relate to a certain regime earlier in the 20th century. Reorientation classes for those that don't adhere or obey. Just ask those people in Montana! Camps set up for such. Road blocks to check for the swine flu vaccination. Taking the middle class out of existence. Basically running Christians out of government. Being Muslim is better in this administration.
Things my friend are not good, and I feel that the battle is about to begin. I just hope I am ready to give up all that is necessary to defeat these asinine people and their agenda.


Empty Suit, or Soon To Be Saint?

I am not sure about the one that was elected President. He is either the luckiest man ever, or he is but a puppet for someone, or some group of very powerful people. How can someone who is very low on the income scale afford an Ivy League education. How can this same individual be schooled around the world. It is said that his mother was Caucasian, why is it that none of his family is ever seen. Is he ashamed, like his wife is of the U.S. and all it stands for. Who groomed and coached him in his quest for the top job. Why is he so arrogant and condescending to the citizens of this country.
Why does the media protect him and boost everything he says as gospel? Why if you disagree with him are you then labeled a racist? If you say anything against his plans you are investigated to see if you are a subversive. Our returning military are labeled as potential anarchists. These same people took an oath to protect this country and the Constitution of the U.S. What about his oath? Did the empty suit not swear to protect the Constitution of the U.S. Or is he just another Marxist liar. Why is he pushing for a socialist state for our country?
I am amazed at the way this country of ours is just accepting this dribble that he is dishing out and walking headlong into oblivion. He bows to the King of Saudi Arabia, a less powerful country than ours, is it a sign of weakness or is the King one of his benefactors?
How about his accomplishments. 1. America is no longer a Christian nation. 2. He is buddies with a Marxist dictator dedicated to the destruction of the U.S. 3. His pastor is a known racist. 4. Iran is not the least bit afraid of him, no spine. 5. He took the ownership of the auto companies away from the people and now the Federal Government is the majority owner. What usually happens with Federal Property, it is locked away never to be seen by the people again. 6. He got a stimulus package put together, more foreign country's benefited than any U.S. companies. Try to get a stimulus loan. If you are not a foreign national, not a chance! 7. By the way he wants your guns!! 8. How about the big banks. I wish it was possible for us little guys to get multi-million dollar bonuses for bankrupting a company, like these clowns did. The Administration knew about the deal before the money was sent.
Yes Sir, this empty suit has accomplished a lot, way more than I can list. When he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for nothing, it solidified my feelings that there is some group of big money people pushing this phony. Are you ready to just lay down and take in the rear? I am not, and I for one, am totally disgusted with this public display of worship for him. I am willing to bet that there will be pressure brought to bare on the Pope to make the empty suit a living Saint!
Get ready kids, the bull is not over yet. It seems that it is going to get worse before it gets better.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting Old, What a Trip!

Getting older can be a kick in the stomach of life. I know women that want their grandchildren to call them Auntie. A couple of guys that I know have their kids, and grand kids call them by their first name.
We might as well embrace getting older, no one has learned how to reverse time. There are not miracle cures for wrinkles. One lady who will remain nameless, spent untold amounts of money on face and necks wrinkles. That was two years ago, they're baaack!!! There is nothing that will let you just slap chop age away. No pill, cream, ointment, magic sheets, magic underwear, secret food that the government does not know about, but those snake oil salesmen make some money doing it.
Enjoy these few jokes.

Thanks to JO!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When I Grow Up!

Often my thoughts will fall into the realm of what to do when I grow up. A 56 year old man still wondering, what a concept. Perhaps an astronaut, that would be fun. But the training would dip into my personal time. Maybe a fireman, but that require getting up in the middle of the night. Not something fun to do, we do need our sleep.
As the thinking continued, the world needs a new Superstar came up. Now that might be fun, riding around in a limo. Living in a big house in Beverly Hills. New girl friends constantly. Big, decadent parties, pure pleasure all the time. I forgot! There is no musical talent in me and it is hard to imagine all the old ladies becoming groupies. Their children would put a stop to it, and most of them would not want to wear Bikinis all the time. Once again, dream ended.
Now what could be the best gig on earth, being King, a CEO of a major corporation, Governor of one of the states. No way any of these things are good enough.
The only thing left is the perfect deal. It is the job of being the President of the US. Name another job that you can make laws and enforce them. Have armed body guards for you and your family. You can change the way people live. You tell your subjects what their opinions will be. You tell them what to wear, what drugs they will take, where they will live and how much they will earn. There is the ultimate military at your disposal. A fleet of jets to take you anywhere you desire at a moments notice. Your own private vacation home, impeccably maintained. You never have to pack for a trip, your entire wardrobe is duplicated everywhere you go. There is a personal valet always laying out your clothing and shoes. Your meals are always made to perfection. Every leader on earth wants your job, and jealous of you. It doesn't matter if people hate you, they just seem to go away. Maybe they are now sleeping with the fish.
If I am lucky enough to follow this buffoon who has the job now, it is possible to become a legend that everyone wants to be like. Kids would be named for me, roads and schools would bear my name. Yes sir, by the time this guy that is in there now is gone, the job might then be called the Royal Imperial Leader who advises the Creator. ( Remember we cant say God anymore)
I am excited about my new job, and think I only have to work for 4 years, and still maintain all the privileges of travel and protection. And to beat all, they will continue to pay for all those that stand around, do my bidding, and most of all kiss my butt! What a career!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Farm Stories

Having been raised in an agricultural way, I have seen a lot of crazy stuff and heard a lot of stories about the same. The hardest lesson I ever learned was when I wrote my name on the wall with milk, while milking a cow. My grandfather was not proud of me at all, he could not stand waste. Getting stepped on by cows, horses, and various other animals. Cleaning out stalls, cleaning the barn, after the milking was done. This is not a list of my favorite things to do, just things we did as kids.

But the stories we heard, when the work was done, was pure entertainment. My favorite was the story of the new bull. This story has been told by many people, but Grandpa told it so much better. Maybe it was because it was Grandpa telling it.

This rancher decided that the 4 bulls that he had was not keeping his herd properly taken care of, if you know what I mean. So one day this rancher went to the auction, searching for a new bull. The 4 bulls heard about this and started taking among themselves. The first and oldest bull said" I have 43 cows that are mine and I have no plans at all to share". The second bull said" well boys I have 22 cows and sharing is not in my plan". the third bull said about the same and finally it got to the fourth bull. The fourth bull said " Look guys, I only have one cow, and a couple that sort of like me, I really don't plan on sharing". Of course the chat went on for hours, planning on how to put this new bull in his place.

A few days later this big truck and trailer pulled on to the ranch with the pipes just bellowing and belching big black smoke. When the truck backed up tp the new corral, the new bull was set loose in the pen. He was a great big black bull with horns that were 2 foot long on both sides of his head. He roared and pawed at the ground. He tried to tear down the corral, he was just that kind of bull. This bull was a lot more than they expected! You might say that their minds were filled with fear!

The first bull lamented " maybe I was too harsh and quick to judge our new member. I think that I will share some of my cows". The second bull said" he does not seem like a bad sort, I am going to welcome him and share my cows. It is the friendly thing to do". The third bull said" we really should not have such a mean spirit about this situation, I am going to share and perhaps learn from him". They did not want to rock the boat, the new bull was much bigger than anyone had seen in the past. Finally, the forth bull threw his head up, bellowed and pawed the ground. The other bulls yelled at the fourth bull"you are crazy, he will kill you". The fourth bull yelled back at the other three "I know, but I want him to know that I am a bull too"!

Blowin in the Wind, Driving in N Texas

  • A guy about 60, riding a Fat Boy, wearing dress slacks, dress shoes, no hair except for a comb-over, wearing a black Harley t-shirt. The front of his shirt was up almost to his chin and his big beer belly was in the wind.

  • Driving on LBJ at 7 in the morning. Woman driving in the fast lane, drinking 4-bucks coffee, putting on makeup, talking on her phone @ 70mph!

  • Driving west on 380 just past 156 and people refuse to go more than 50, the speed limit is 65.

  • Heading down the road and come upon a car driving 20 under the speed limit. When the next passing zone comes up you decide to pass and the jerk speeds up to 10 over the speed limit.

  • People waiting to the last minute, then pull out in front of you and go slow. They have got to know the problem that they are causing.

  • Traffic stopped for 30 minutes, when you get there it is someone with a flat tire!

  • People sitting at a green light until it turns yellow, they were on the phone!

  • A driver in front of you, they are weaving, going slow, then fast, to you they appear drunk, when you finally get around them you see they are on the phone.

  • People that think that it is okay for them to pass in the turning lane or on the shoulder!

  • People that pass you going so fast that you think it is an emergency, they are sitting at the next light when you get there.

  • Rock trucks dropping part of their load as they drive down the road.

  • Drivers that will not pass the other one, so they roll down the road at 60 on a 65 mph speed limit.

  • These are just a few of the things I have seen, and I would love for you to give me the story of your driving horrors.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pancho Grande and the Religious Cult

A buddy of mine, we will call him Ralph, has a Rat Terrier that was raised with 3 Chihuahuas. Ralph swears that this dog barks in Spanish! He might be right, this dog is something beyond a normal lap dog. And things became different, when his wife took the dog to the Vet, and had him neutered at one year old. And he now swears the dog can now talk, but only to him! Maybe Ralph is a 60's holdout.
Ralph was telling me of a conversation he and his dog had, involving a new religious group the dog was about to join. They accepted all breeds of dogs and believed that cats did not have the right to be on this earth. Pancho said,"I used to like cats until that leetle cat scratched my nose. Now I hate theeem". Ralph tried to reason with Pancho, but to no avail. The dog had already added to his name to show his beliefs. His new name was Pancho "Grande" but he preferred the English word big. He told Ralph to now refer to him as Pancho Beeeg.
Ralph asked Pancho Beeeg what was some of the benefits of this cult. He was told that if they give their life in service to this faith, they would be able to drink from the Canine Fountain of Life. When they drink from this fountain, all the things removed from them would be restored. Not only that, he would be given 25 Poodles for his pleasure, and he said that is worth dieing for. Ralph asked him what did the faith hope to accomplish? Pancho replied that they would rid the earth of all cats of all sizes and varieties. From an Alley Cat to a Tiger. It is risky, but it is so worth it.
Also his faith would fight to make cars safer to chase, towels in the hubcaps would not be allowed. The Postman, meter readers, paperboys, joggers, or anyone else would not be allowed to use pepper spray or carry sticks. They believe that if they want to bite, they should be allowed to.
Pancho also said that in time that dogs would rule the earth, and mankind would be their slaves and servants. He told Ralph that he would be allowed to learn to fetch, rollover and such, because Pancho likes him. Now about Ralph's wife, that is a different story, the dog figured he would just pee on her leg and let the other dogs take her away. Pancho is still upset about that trip to the Vet. Finally, Ralph could not take it any more and he asked, "what is the name of this faith"? Pancho said to Ralph "it is called la eliminacion de los perros de los gatos". Ralph then asked "what does that mean"? Pancho said to his friend " dogs keel the gatos"! " Do you have a uniform" asked Ralph? Pancho replied " Oh yess, we wear white hooods and shirts so the gatos won't know who we are"!
Ralph was blown away with his new found knowledge about his dog. So upset was he, that it actually made him start thinking. If this craziness can infect my dog and his thinking, maybe I should check on what Ralph Jr. is reading and listening to.
Poor Ralph, maybe he will get the gate shut before the cows get out!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God is Great, Beer is Good, and People are Crazy

The words to the title are the main story line to a current country song. But the truth in this statement is profound! We are inundated with stories of crime. Murder, robbery, car jacking, vandalism, terrorism, you name it, it is happening! People are so crazy that killing themselves for some off the wall religion is acceptable. Do you remember those cult members in Garland Texas, that committed mass suicide because the space ship was on its way to pick them up. But they made sure to have their new tennis shoes on.
Kids blowing themselves to kingdom come for reasons only their Iman knows for sure. If it is so glorious, why don't the Leaders do it first? Come on guys, lead by example!
Honor killings, because the daughter did not date the one picked out for her at birth. These people need to leave our country, because they do not feel subject to our laws and behavior standards. When I have had conversations with different people, they always bring up "in my country". That usually ends the discussion. Go talk to the Left, the bleeding hearts that believe that the immigrant's native laws apply more than ours.
Speaking of beer, a wonderful adult beverage. It seems now that none of our major brewers are American owned or operated. Why in the name of all that bubbles have we been sold out? We now have insane laws about beer and its consumption. Yet by the same token, the dry towns are now wet. Do you think that revenue is the driving force? Without all the DWI arrests, how could these city fathers build monuments to themselves. Oh, I guess it is concern for (fill in the blank) and surely it could not be greed. Tax and spend.
Then we need to talk about God. God is the name that mankind has given to the creator, but we can not truly know the mind of God! I have heard it said that God does not care. He does care a lot, but to put in Mangoism, we are similar to balls being rolled down a hill. How you might ask, well let me tell you, once you turn loose of the balls, there is no longer anyway to control them. Once our feet hit Terra-firma, we are in control of our own destiny. Nobody is given a get out of death free card.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Soupy Sales

Soupy Sales has been around since long before I was born. He started in clubs as a comedian in Cincinnati in the early 1940's. His wit was very acerbic and biting, with a lot of innuendo! Lunch with Soupy was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. One of his frequent guests was White Fang, the biggest and the meanest dog on Earth! White Fang would talk to Soupy in dog-speak, then Soupy would translate. The story goes that once White Fang asked the question "what begins withe the letter F, and ends withe the letters uck?" Soupy said he didn't know, and White Fang said " Fire Truck, are you stupid?"

It is this misdirection and innuendo that is being thrown at we the people from every angle, today!

From the largest crowd in NFL regular season history, to the Muslim March, The Million Man March, ad nauseum. This country loves to be deceived and lied to. It has to be a fact, look at the people they elect to lead us. Crooks, every last one of them, yet they still have control of this country. They lead with lies, and falsehoods! But we should all know what they intend.
At least we knew what Soupy was up to, and it was all play. He is a genuine and honest man, and always has been. None of the racy stories has ever been proven about his show. He must have a very good guide for his life. I wonder who these politicians have for a guide?


Friday, September 25, 2009


I am in the midst of moving, so I have neglected my duties at the keyboard. Please check back soon because the move is almost done!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Questionable Wisdom

Hippies are a part of life here in the US. Whether you grew up with them, you were a hippie, or you were raised by one! Regardless if you agreed or not, Hippies had there own form of wisdom, which was simple. As in; Make love, not war. You are on the bus or off. Go with the flow. Feed them your dreams. You create your own reality. Common terms today, but were they ever controversial 40 years ago.

The other day I overheard a mother and daughter talking. It was while they were shopping for shoes at a high end department store. The mother was trying on some very elegant high heels. The daughter, about 30 years old and very over weight, loudly spoke to her mother "don't get those high heels, they will give you Plantars Fasciitis. Besides that, high heels hurt my feet"! The mother replied, "that sounds like something only fat people will say"! The daughter was offering what she perceived to be wisdom, but what an ass, she made of herself!

The source of wisdom is usually experience, but not always a good experience. I love to learn, but not the hard way. But, for some reason, it is required for me to learn like the overweight daughter did. Wearing my words like a badge of dishonor! How many times have we said things that we thought every one that could hear us, would stand and declare us to be the wisest, most sage, of this generation. Only to be embarrassed by how stupid we sounded. What we said made absolutely no sense at all. Such a moment to cherish!

When I listen to these people that are in charge. Because we elected them, spout some outright lies to us, then try to pass off what they said as wisdom, I wish they could feel the ridicule like the heavy girl felt the other day. Why cant they get it. If what they say goes against common sense, how can that be wisdom. If you owe a thousand dollars, that you can't pay, how is borrowing another thousand going to fix the fact that you can't pay the first thousand? These people say we just are not capable of understanding such things. Once again, where is the common sense?

Let me sum up my Madness in these last few word. If it is wisdom you seek, as we all should, wisdom never disagrees with common sense. Lies are still lies, and you will never prove to an idiot, that they are an idiot!!!

Just Mango!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Texas is Special!

It is amazing how the values and morals of people change. They either improve or denigrate to horrible lows. Think of those brave men that stood for us at the Alamo, against odds that would make most modern people, run and hide. The courage needed for such a task is almost completely missing from today's society. Thank God it fell to those men! If it were to be the same situation today, the lawyers, civil rights groups, and the bleeding hearts would be crying to the high heavens, begging for a civil, and war-free agreement. Today's people are so passive that they would rather live in bondage, than offend their enemy's, or their own children. It might damage their self esteem, and make them violent towards them. Once again it seems like fear to me!
What has caused this wonderful nation to become so greed stricken, fearful, and complacent, to take this horrifying tumble down this slippy slope to oblivion? The lack of a real vision or a unifying goal! I see people come from other country's and become big in business. Why, because they have drive, and are not afraid of offending their competition. They, as a group of people, stick together, and do business with their own. What is wrong with that, nothing. There have always been divides in human kind, and there always will be. It is not the color of skin, it is the cultural differences that divide. Until we have one culture, it will remain that way. There is no way that laws will make people unify! It is the laws that are meant for good, that ultimately divide people. One group feels slighted, while the other has things handed to it. It is amazing that people get into public office and they feel as if they are empowered to do things the way they see them, and will benefit them the most. There used to be statesmen that worked for this country. I suppose that if there any left, they are being pushed aside by the rich, and the agendas they are pushing!
The only thing that will unify this country, is a common goal, surviving an attack from someone trying to take over and destroy our country and culture. The original settlers of Texas were a motley crew of people from all over the world. So diverse, that there were several different languages spoken in the colony. But what unified the Texas cultural was adversity, in the form of an enemy from the south, Santa Anna!
His goal was to make himself the ruler of all the west. He felt as if he was ordained of God to rule with an Iron Fist. The people of Texas, unified and fought, and destroyed the tyrant's dreams. Hopelessly outnumbered by the enemy. As a result of these brave men and their sacrifice, we have Texas. We became one culture, and we are proud to be called Texans. I see a new Santa Anna in power, with the same goals and dreams. It appears that he is hell bent on destroying our culture! It is our move! TEXANS UNITE!!!!!

Remember the Alamo and Goliad!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time Changes Us

Things change as we age. Bits and pieces of our body don't function like they once did. Our knees get stiff. Our backs hurt, it becomes hard to remember the everyday things of life. It is tough to shake hands, because of the pain in our hands. Life becomes a challenge to just function.

This reminds me of a story. An old friend told me of a conversation he overheard in the, We Are Not Dead Yet nursing home he lives in. There are 3 guys that live there, all of them widowers, and life long friends. Coffee together every morning at 8:30 sharp. They talk about old times, the politics of the day, pretty much everything they can think of. Time is something they have lots of. One morning, one of the guys said to the other two," you know boys, if there is anything I wish I could do, it would be to have a good pee! It is always a struggle and it never works the way it should. It is such a pain, I just wish I could have a good pee"! "Well, "the second of the guys said " since it is true confessions this morning, I wish I could have a good movement. I take salts, laxatives, and anything else that can be imagined, but nothing helps! I struggle with bloating, constipation, and untold pain, nothing is working. I just wish I could have a good movement"! The third friend finally took his turn. "Well boys"said the third friend, "every morning at 6:00 I have a good pee! Everything just works the way it is supposed to, no problems! Then every morning at 7:30 I have a perfect movement. None of the problems that most of the people our age have. I don't have to take any laxatives or anything." The other two friends are feeling a little jealous at this time. Finally the third friend says" But you know what I wish boys? I just wish that I could wake up before 8:00!"
Just Wishing

Monday, September 14, 2009

Release Your Seatbelt!

Listening in on conversations the other day at my favorite Bar & Grille, I was once again amazed at some of the things said. One guy talked about his old lady, "she talks too much"! Another guy said that his wife spent to much at Wally World. The amount of gripes overheard was mind boggling and made me think what was wrong with these women.
The guy with the talking wife, wanted to find a way to stop the conversation when he was driving. What could he use? He was serious, but I wondered how could his wife talk too much? Nobody could get a word in edgewise with him, he never shut up! The guy griping about his wife spending so much shopping, was drinking and eating the best offered, and plenty of it!
This was a reminder of a story I once heard; One Sunday morning, in a small country church, the Devil came to visit! This was a typical white board building with a center aisle and windows on all the walls. The Devil made his presence known by kicking open the front doors and growling like a Lion. As he made his way down the middle aisle, people were jumping out of windows, the preacher was hanging onto the pulpit and shaking like a wet dog. As the Devil got closer, the preacher turned loose and jumped out of a window like the rest, except for one old man! Satan stood behind the pulpit and roared at the old man. The old man never even flinched. Satan said "do you know who I am?" The old man said "yes I do". "Aren't you afraid of me? Don't you know my powers" asked Satan? "So what" said the old man. Satan asked the old man why he wasn't afraid. The old man continued" I have been married to your sister for 58 years, and trust me, she is meaner than you"!
So earlier when I was wondering what was wrong with those women, it was only about their judgement when comes to men!!

Just Unbelievable


Chinese for friendship.
In our lives we have had many friends. In the first grade my best friend was Phil Brown. But as time went on and we moved, the mantle was placed on the shoulders of John Spurlock, and that friendship lasted until our late twenty's! Great guy that would do anything to help me at any time. But time changed things again, moves, marriage and so on! As age started speeding up, the qualities wanted in a friend changed too, different values and life changes endured!
The best friend that I hang with has been around now for 20 years or more. He helped me when I was down from heart surgery, he cried with me when my wife died. He is never far away, always with a cold adult beverage in hand. I just want people to stop and remember those that have been in our lives and helped shape us into who we are. They have done more than we can ever measure. What would we have been if they weren't there?
So in appreciation, I tip my hat to,FRIENDS! Thanks, OLC, for being there all along!

Just Friends

Friday, September 4, 2009

They Know You are Coming!

I was visiting with a friend of mine the other day. The normal conversation, politics, religion, and of course the weather, like we could change anything. It wasn't long until the subject of the end came up. He asked if I was getting all the letters from funeral homes and cemetery's the way he was. Well of course, the mail box is full of that stuff, plots for sale, prepaid funerals, death insurance for our families and our spouses.

We discussed the descriptions that the cemetery's gave of the view, the old growth trees, the gentle stream that runs thru the area. "Do you think that we will see where we spend the rest of time" I asked him? His answer was "are you kidding me, when you are gone, you are gone"! "Well, how about the funeral homes and their super duper caskets, made of hand rubbed walnut and all the padding" I asked? Once again he said"are you kidding me, do you really think that we will feel that comfort"?

Our conversation continued after we changed the subject. But after a few minutes, when it was time to hang up, my friend said " what a business death is, we don't get to make any choices unless we pre-plan, and we might as well do it. After all, they do know that we are coming"!

Just Avoiding!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

More Bar and Grille Stories

This image reminded of a guy that was talking about his marriage and how much fun he and his wife have. They were always trying to please each other with gifts and surprises. This was just their way of enjoying their lives together , because they were so in love and enamored with each other.
George, that is the name we will call him, because we want to protect him against reprisal, for he swore to his wife he wouldn't tell this story, began his tale. The other night , his bride asked him to come into the bedroom because she had something for him. Knowing his wife, George rushed right in and shut the door. No kids allowed, you know. Well she came out wearing nothing but a brand new pair of Delta Burke slimming underwear, she had gotten a little larger in the 18 years of wedded bliss. Well George, seeing the sight, got a little frisky. "Come over here darlin" George said," and let me get a little closer to my new gift". Well the next thing you know he was trying to get his hand between the Delta Burkes and his wife. This he accomplished, but the the pain and agony began. George said that the first thing that happened was it felt like he was losing feeling in his hand, and it got to the point that it felt like he had put his hand into the vise! He said that he began to moan and yell, all the while his wife was asking whats wrong? Whats wrong? He yelled I am losing feeling in my hand, it hurts! His wife said I told you these are slimming pants. George told her that those were torture pants and he had never felt such pain. George said " I can't get my hand out. Please help me!" His wife grabbed hold of the Delta Burkes and began to pull with both hands, trying to loose the grip of those underwear. George screamed "Tell the kids to call 911, maybe they will bring the jaws of life. I can't take the pain anymore. I am about to pass out, and please take me to the hospital!" Eventually they freed his hand, and after George came to, he asked " do I still have my hand"?
Well our old friend George, survived this episode of life, a little worn, but no surgery was required. For that, he was thankful. George made the statement that paint is not as tight as those underwear, and his wife agreed to never wear those slimming pants ever again.

Just Laughing!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lost Treasure (Dating Sites)

It looks like the days of looking to family and friends for help finding someone special, are almost gone. The Internet is the avenue that most people choose to search. It is convenient and private. But, there should be a Warning Label and training course for the new searchers. There are many different sites, fees that have to be paid, new terms to learn, new abbreviations. When you finish this course you should be awarded a PhD! In the training, it would be just like Boot camp. Your DI yelling at you, running you for miles. Just making your skin get thick. It is vicious out there in the search trenches! One subject that would be covered is motivation. Why are these people searching outside the sphere of friends? Are they just trying to expand the gene pool or do they have something to hide? Another subject would be terms these searchers use. Nsa, ddf, 420 friendly, ltr, fwb, hwp, and more. You would learn what these code letters mean and be able to make a somewhat intelligent choice on who to contact. An actual ad was running; SWF seeks SWM for LTR. Must be between 35 and 42 years old, no exceptions! 5' 10'' to 6' 5'', full head of hair, prefer blond, very athletic body, a professional, no children, loves to laugh. He will be very attentive to me and pamper me the way I should be! Financially strong, and willing to help me and my 3 sons, that still live with me. Their ages are 16, 19, and 22. About me. I am 5' 6", about 160 lbs. but the weight is in the right places. Really working hard on losing and I expect Mr. Wonderful to help me and motivate me to lose some more! Your picture will get mine. Hit me up and lets get started soon. Lonely in Texas. ( Bet the picture is a 10 year old Glamour shot, and they never looked that good!)
Now if this was an isolated ad, one could feel sorrow for them. Unfortunately this type ad is the norm! People threaten to drop their ad if the perfect one doesn't show soon, they have already seen 15 people and none of them was perfect! Wow, them dropping that ad would be a real blow to everyone. They want a Warranty, if the "One" turns out to not be the "One". Another line, if you don't fit my criteria, don't bother contacting me! Good Luck On Your Search.
Is everybody so blinded to what they are saying, how it wreaks of BS? There is no one that is thought to be perfect, but according to search sites there must be. The arrogance and selfishness of these people searching, is very funny.
This is just one silly example of what is out there and it is scary! Then there are the cougars, panthers, swingers, the BdSm crowd, name something weird it is out there for whomever to enjoy! Good Luck on Your Search!!

Just Avoiding the Bull!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Counseling, Bar Stories, and Tall Tales

I went to eat a late lunch the other day at the only neighborhood bar and grille in our county. The burger bites and the bottomless chips and salsa makes any Texan's heart happy. The beer was very cold and the bartender was very nice and took very good care of me. She was entertained by the non-stop note taking. All she asked for was a nice review, no problem. Krystle is the absolute best!!
There were a lot of different people sitting at the bar and the various tables. Some bikers, with a lot of tattoos. Girls that were casually dressed with perfect hair. Rough necks, ranchers, this is just a typical crowd here in rural Texas. After surveying the crowd, the stories that were told were very entertaining. The girls talked about their multiple marriages, and how the evil man was the cause of the divorce, every time.
The guys talked about all the money that they had until that last wife was able to move it out of their joint account, into the boyfriends account. One guy talked about how he was driving home and saw a trailer loaded with furniture that looked like his. When he got home, his house was empty with the exception of his clothing. There stories of old bars that are now gone over in Dallas, and down in Ft. Worth, and how they are missed.
About fights that they got into with famous people and kicked the stink out of them. Stories about the Sportorium, the Von Erichs and all the other wrestlers that battled there. How tough those guys were and their tragic end. There was so many types of folks, the butterflys that went around talking to all, the paper readers that talked to no one. One patron left, and a panic ensued, the manager thought he had walked his tab. They searched franticlly for his credit card receipt, it was finally found and peace reined supreme. The ash trays were emptied and the trash can caught fire.
The political discussion was very entertaining, according to one guy, our governor is gay, because he was a yell leader at A&M. His marriage is a front to keep him in politics. Some hate Obama and think he is in trouble, others hate him worse. Another guy said that it really doesn't matter, the ship will right itself. There were people that would tell the others to call, but will not answer when they do. If we ever believe any bar talk, we will wear the biggest moron hat the world has ever seen, and it will be a tight fit! After about 2 hours, the first group was gone and a new group came in. But that is a different story!

Just Listening

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rudolph Valentino

Yesterday was the 83rd anniversary of Valentino's death. You might say what has this got to do with anything? It was a reminder of the stories that Grandmother told us when we young. She talked about the pain all the women felt when he died. How some women even committed suicide. He was the first superstar of cinema and an Idol to Grandmother, she talked of the sadness she had! The sadness was one of her secrets, after all, she was a young woman in 1926. All of the movies and media where still new at that time and the media was just starting to get out to the small cities and towns.
Grandmother(Minnie Baldridge Wilkerson) was quite a story teller. She would use the most vivid and understandable words and phrases. This woman had a very profound and extensive grasp on the English language.
As we sat at the table, eating fresh homemade bread with home churned butter, she began to tell the story of her life. Those stories were so wonderful and none of us ever wanted to leave when she spoke. The woman was so full of compassion that the soothing words of her speech just caused us to sit and listen closely! She began with the fact of her birth in a log cabin in NW Arkansas in 1897. She was from a large family that did not realize that they were poor. Most people of that time had very few things or could be called wealthy. Her father, Matt Baldridge was a Methodist Minister that would preach his circuit of churches. We could only imagine what it was like for her to stand and look up the road for her daddy to get home, wondering if he was okay. When is he going to get back? She never labored the point of sadness, the loneliness, or the separation, only the joy of his return.
She told of the time that, her husband, our Grandfather was in France in 1917 & 1918. While he was gone those two years, she told us in secret, that she smoked cigarettes! She never told her own children about that episode of her life! She talked about the first time she saw an electric light and the marvel that it was. The first time she saw an automobile and the racket that it made, the smoke and the smells. The first movie, how it was so enchanting to see the moving pictures that looked so real, that she felt like she was there watching in person!
The most impressive thing to her young life is when saw her first aeroplane. That is the way she spoke it and wrote the word. How she wanted to fly and be like a bird and look down from the heavens. She told of the sacrifices of all, during WW II, standing at the train station, handing out cokes to the troops until her money would run out! But she said, nothing is as profound as man walking on the moon! It was like a dream when she saw it on TV. She continued to tell us that in her life people had gone from horse and carriage to rocket ships, from newspapers to radio and TV, but the one thing had not changed and never would change, the Lord! She went to be with her Lord in 1980, a sad but wonderful day. Thank You Grandmother for the wisdom you shared with us!!!!

Just My Hero!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do I Ever Have The Blues?

Blues or depression. the last 5 weeks of my life have been tumultuous , put mildly. There have been really, really great highs, followed by the worst bottom of barrel lows that I could imagine! I wanted to blame everyone and everything around me. Then I would believe that I was the pond scum that brought it all on! Things that I dreaded the worst happened. The things that were hoped for never materialized the way I had wanted and dreamed. Talk about taking the wind out of my sails. I felt as if I was drifting in the Horse Latitudes in the Atlantic, days away from land and rescue. Woe unto me! Oh woes unto me! What an unimaginable feeling of despair! As I sat worrying about poor little me. In the midst of my pity party, I decided to take an online depression test, and this proved to be a handy tool for me. I was just sure that there was something clinically wrong with me! I took the test, it said that I was suffering a case of the Blues. Nothing abnormal at all. No major problem.
Then as I pondered the results, and the non-problem, That inner voice spoke," grow up selfish"! So I answered, "What"? Yes there was a reply, " Get over not getting your way. You still have goals and work that needs to get done. You are letting other people down that need you and care about you. Now, just do it"! It sure felt like the Lord was talking to me, and I didn't know he is from Texas.
I once told a good friend of mine," Don't be so spiritually minded that you are no earthly good!" It was a rude thing to say, and we reap what we sow. The Lord told me," Don't be so earthly minded that you are no spiritual good!" By allowing my selfishness to rule my life, it allowed the Blues to get control of me! All of this knowledge was like a miracle pill that started cleansing my mind and soul. Look for balance is what the Lord told me. Now I can make my bed and get ready to do some things I have avoided. The more I accept things the better I do.
Oh by the way, my score was a 31 out of a 100.

Just a Big Baby.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Tips are a hot subject for those who help us at the different places we go to eat. Eavesdrop and I am sure that some stories will be heard.
We can only imagine the bull these people put up with and still keep smiling. The wait staff knows who pays the bulk of their income, and it ain't the restaurant. I have been waited on by so many different types that I will only cover a few.
The super friendly and nice one, that can't get it right if you write down for them. But we still tip them because they are so nice. Another is the why are you bothering me type. Too busy trying to hit on some girl at another table, don't bother him, he is busy. Time to ask the manager for someone different! How about the phony friendly type, over the top, trying make you feel welcome and pampered! Not so sure about this one, they get a tip, but the normal percentage! Then there are the waiters that seem to just blend in with your group and make you feel like they are family. These guys and girls are very good and very smart! I always tip these people very well and am glad to do it.
I suppose that getting a waiter that suits you and me is as much luck as it is training. Kinda like finding a mate, but that is a different story.

Just Waiting, Tip not Included!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Au Revoir or Adieu

Has it ever happened to you, where the goodbye just said, you knew it might be for good? When a friend moved away and you got that sick feeling that this was the last time the two of you would ever see each other? It was so obvious that it was the end! There might have been a loved one that was racked with a horrible disease, that the Doctor said that it was terminal, what can you do, but say Good Bye? You might have had a psychic moment and believe that a friend that is about to leave on a trip will never return! Many are the stories and circumstances that compose sorrowful goodbyes.
There have been many sorrowful goodbyes in my life that were final goodbyes. My Dad, a best friend, and worst of all my wife! Every event was painful and emotional in its own way. This is a experience that I just don't want to have again in my life. The pain is something that I pray is never felt again. Just wishful thinking, it will never stop. Goodbyes never stop or cease to occur, because life never stops just because of our pain. Life is ever evolving and changing, and that is always going to be the fact. Somethings we will never understand!
Recently, I went to visit a very dear and close friend. Actually we were more than friends. I was so joyous and happy to see her, but something had changed and things were not right. The attitude was different, the things we had talked about just hours before were now moot. The enthusiasm was gone and there was no joy. Life is like that, throwing curve balls until we strike out! The only thing left to be said is that when we hugged and kissed goodbye, it was like I was was hit with a hammer. This may have been our last goodbye!

Just Saying Goodbye!

Monday, August 17, 2009


We humans have such a long and selective memory. I have memories of learning to ride my bike. Wanting the traffic light that was sold by Sears in the 1950's. Looking at the world with my View Master. I don't remember any real bad times at all. These memories are a good and bad thing. There is not a balance.... When we lose a loved one, the only things we tend to remember are the good and happy things that happened. The happy ending to the story, so to speak. It usually escapes our memory, the fights, arguments, and the unhappy moments! We want to deify them and make them into a saint. I have been and I am so guilty of this action.
Then on the other hand, we have a very close relationship end poorly. We get a divorce, that is less than friendly, all that we tend to remember is the bad events and actions! There was never any love or friendship. We think that every minute of everyday was pure hell while we were together! We know this to be untrue, but we think that way for what reason I don't know. Could it just be natural pain management? Is it the lessons we have learned in our society? How do we get closure on some, and never ending grief on the others?
I am seeking the answer and it is eluding me! This is not a whine that needs cheese, just a question that needs an answer!
I need help with this question, and any help given is so appreciated!

Just Asking For Help!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The One!

We have all heard things or individuals referred to as "The One"! I have wondered all my life what determines "The One"? Is a bolt of lightning blasting from heaven? Is it a flock of butterflies invading our stomach? What is it? What pleases the eye of our grandparents is seldom pleasing to the younger crowd. What makes the bully in grade school, the teachers pet? On Gilligan's Island, Ginger or Mary Ann? Is it the Honda or the Toyota? Chocolate or Vanilla? Why would one girl get picked over the other in a beauty contest, and the girls are identical twins? This is a debate that rages on adnauseam! I know a man that has found the one true love, so far he is on marriage number thirteen (13). No bull! This is just one of the questions that I must ask while there is time to ask. It is just like the marriage pro I just spoke about, I don't think he has any idea either! Life is always evolving and changing, that is never going to stop. None of us get off of this earth alive. I believe that I have found the one, but it is not a wife, but it is "The One" who promised me eternal life, and an eternity of joy.

Just Found The One!


This is a weird subject for me, I am the glass half full type. However, it is something we all suffer daily, but on different levels. Students feel it when their grades are not as high as they thought. They go down and fail their driving test. The little ones feel it when they miss the Ice Cream truck. When their little puppy runs away,that is tragedy Planning a big family picnic, the storms come and wash it away. Interviewing for a job, the job is promised to you, then all of a sudden it is given to someone else. The sudden death of a close loved one!
There are so many other things in life that can and do disappoint us, friends, family, a lover,weather, racing, the Dallas Cowboys. There are those of us that seem to have more than our fair share of disappointment. Why is that so? Is it fate, karma, divine,or self deception? Could the way we think effect the number of disappointments we have? That is a strong possibility. Are we looking at things thru rose colored glasses? Are we hearing what we want to hear and not what is being said? Believing that we can change things and others to fit our fantasy? The charge is self deception and" I plead guilty as charged, Your Honor!" There is always going to be disappointment, and no it can not be stopped! Having been convicted of self deception, I now must accept the fact things must be viewed live and not filtered. We, or I cannot hide from reality. No matter where we go,there we are! Today is the the day for change! The only thing that does not disappoint is the Hope that God gives!
Just One Day At A Time

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Hats We Wear

We all wear so many different hats. We men wear the hats of Son,Brother,Uncle,Father, Friend, Boss, Hunter,Husband. The list goes on and on. But on the other hand, women make men look like beginners when it comes to the number of hats they wear. They are Sister, Daughter, Friend, Counselor, Healer, Protector, Confidant, Mother, Wife, Comforter, Keeper of Secrets, Encourager, and far beyond this small list. How many times do we see Atheletes,as they are being interviewed, slide in "Hi Mom!" How often do they say Hi Dad? Not very often at all. When these same people hit it big, the first thing they do is buy Mom a new house! I am not saying Dads don't count, we just tend to be disinterested in our young. When a couple splits up, the Mom is usually the one who raises the kids. She tends to all those things that a man is supposed to do, in addition to her own! She wears both hats. Sorry guys, but the statistics are showing most men don't care. We tend to think that sending money every paycheck and picking the kids up every two weeks for lunch is showing our love and concern. We just blow off the facts and leave it to Mom! What a sacrifice! Lunch every two weeks, wow! The main hat that most men wear, is one of self-importance, we think that we can not be replaced! When we are gone, we might be missed for a season, but some other guy will put on the hat that we were wearing, and carry on. Nothing is forever, and life is always changing and evolving. Just treat the hat that God gave you to wear with honor.

Just Changing Hats!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Curious about the Future?

We humans are more curious than cats. I had a cat one time that I called Cat-Dog. I could whistle and he would come running. He liked pasta and pizza left overs better than cat food. More dog like than cat, but he was very curious. He would crawl into to anything, climb the tallest trees, sneak up on birds. Just a cat in that way.
Sometimes it seems like I am a lot like Cat-Dog, so very curious about the future. Wondering what is next in this life we live. Do I have surprises coming at me, will our freedom be taken away. Well, Lets just get the old Crystal Ball out and look at the future. You know, a funny thing happened to my Crystal Ball! So I sent it in to have it fixed, because it would not show me the future I wanted, and the darn shop lost it!
So I called the Palm Reader, Madame Marie. She looked at my palms and said several things might happen. But she doesn't read the future. Defeated again!
Next thing to try was a Psychic, she said she knew I was going to call. I said good, how many times have you won the Lotto. She said never, so I thanked her and left. I figured if she could not predict something as simple as 6 numbers, how was she going to see my future! I am not going to mention all the other readings, what a waste of time.
Realistically, how can I or anyone else predict the future, it has not happened yet. It is still unwritten as far as mankind is concerned. Should I worry? Probably not. Christ asked who could add to their stature with worry? We, or I need to tend to things in hand now. We should not worry about things that more than likely will not happen. Don't worry, it is always the darkest before the dawn.

Just Curious

Monday, August 3, 2009

Texans are a tough bunch!

A Texan dies and goes to hell. While down there the devil notices that the Texan is not suffering like the rest He checks the gauges and sees that it's 100 degrees and about 80% humidity. So he goes over to the Texan and asks why he's so happy. The Texan says, "I really like it here. The temperature is just like Dallas in June."
The devil isn't happy with the Texan's answer and decides to fix him, so he goes over and turns up the thermostat to 120 degrees and the humidity to 90%. After turning everything up he goes looking for the Texan. He finds him standing around unbuttoning his shirt, just as happy as can be. The devil quizzes the Texan again as to why he's so happy. The Texan says, "This is even better. It's like Austin in July." The devil, now really upset, decides to make the Texan really understand that hell is no paradise. He walks over to the controls and turns the heat up to 140 degrees and the humidity to 100%. "Now let's see what the Texan is up to," he thinks. So he goes looking for the Texan. The devil finds the Texan taking his shirt off basking in the heat, even happier than before. The devil can't figure it out. He asks the Texan why he's happy now. The Texan replies, "This is great, it's just like Brownsville in August." The devil says, "That's it, I'll get this guy." He walks over and turns the temperature down to a freezing 25 degrees below zero. "Now let's see what the Texan has to say about this," the devil thinks to himself. He looks around and finds the Texan jumping up and down for joy. "What are you so happy about now," asks the devil. Still excited, the Texan replies, "YIPEE! The Rangers have finally won the World Series!"
This is an old joke, but I thought you might get a kick out of it.

Just Cookin!!

Sadness or Joy

Today is a day of note for me. This day is the anniversary of the death of two people that I was very close to. My dad, 39 years, and my wife, 2 years.
I had a lot of difficulty dealing with these events for a long time. Extreme grief was the feeling I carried all of the time! The pain was without measure, I just wanted to quit! Everything!
But while I was in the depth of valley, some thoughts hit me. I was being selfish! You might say why? Well, the truth is, I felt sorry for myself! All I thought about was what I had lost, the good times we had.
When I opened my eyes, it did finally occur to me that these two people are in much better shape than I. Gone is the agony and pain that they suffered, the constant drip of morphine altering their mental state! They were released from the evil things that befell them.
Celebration is the main thing that came into my thinking, not their death, the transition. I feel so blessed to have known my Dad and Brenda. The joy we shared was without end. There was no way that it was expected for me to sit in sackcloth and ashes. That would really tick both of them off. Dad would have kicked my butt. Brenda would have made fun of me.
They had both made their peace with the Maker, and were ready to transition to a better life. That is cause enough to celebrate, not easy to do at first, but now is my everyday feeling!
A very wise man told me once, "when you die one of three things happen. You go to heaven,You go to hell, or You cease to exist!" I choose to believe in Heaven for my destination!

Just Celebrating!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Are You too old for Success?

I was sitting and talking with some friends the other day, the subject of success came up. We all had different ideas about what success really is.
One friend said, that it is being happy in what you are. Another friend said that it is being wealthy beyond measure. There were several more ideas thrown in as well.
The longer we talked, it was decided in our group that success is relative to age. Not necessarily calendar age, but mental age.
In our circle of friends we have a couple of guys that are about 90 years old, mentally. Yet we have guys that are 10 years older by the calendar, but they are about 35 mentally.
We believe that if J.C. Penny could become financially successful at the age of 65 after failing so many times in the past, anyone can do it. You must be willing to sacrifice everything, be ready to adapt, accept change, accept ridicule from your family and close friends. You are going to need a vision, clear cut goals and a timeline. And, if you know it all, you are going to hit a brick wall. Boom!! That will leave a mark.
I think the things that drive me is my desire to help those that need it and my service to God. Am I willing to give it all? You Bet!!

Just Believing!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Riding Drag

When I was young my Dad would talk about how it felt like he had been riding Drag all day. So I asked him, what is riding Drag? He explained to me with a drawing much like the one above. He said, that it was usually the worst job to have when pushing a herd of cattle. He should have known, since he was raised on a cattle ranch. He explained that you have keep strays from stopping, you get to eat the dust from all the herd, and you get filthy dirty. The job stinks, but has to be done.
Dad told me that every job was equally important when driving cattle! Everybody has a role to play and a post to watch! It is like a car engine, if any single part breaks down, the whole thing shuts down. He knew that I would understand that description. Cars have always been my thing.
The biggest thing I learned from my Dad, is that everyone is important. There are no small roles in life, only small self centered people that think they are above others. All arenas of thought have these people in them. Religion, Government, Business and so on. It is not our job to judge these people, it is our job to do the best with the tasks that ours to do.
A lesson that is still taught in this country is that we should look out when we think we are on top of it all, we are about to fall!

Just Eatin Dirt

Help Wanted?

I would like to bring up a sore subject. It is the job situation that we face here in this country. The Help Wanted sign was seen in every business here in Wise county just a few short months ago. So what is the real cause for the extinction of this sign species? My personal feeling, Greed. I don't mean corporations, governments, or small business. Those are just generic terms for what they do. No, I am talking about the people that run these things. Bigger bottom lines! I called a long term friend of mine, who is the head claims guy for a large ins. co here in Texas. He said that business is great and he needs to hire some adjusters. However, the big wheels, in the head office will not allow him to. He must cut, the labor costs, it affects their bonus. He and his staff are being driven into the ground, but there is no relief in sight!
Then we have our county people to look at, since being elected, they have been on a spending binge, like a drunk that was just paid. Now they want more tax money from a population that is already hurting. I don't even want to start on the state and federal people.
Soloman said that a greedy man brings trouble to his family! Why can't these people realize that we, the citizens and employees, are their extended family?

Just Venting!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Warning Sign (Misdirection)

Here in the western world, there are a multitude of signs we are told to observe. Warning labels on coffee, that it may be hot. Really? Warning labels on almost all of the products we buy and use. Other than poisons, the first labels I remember are the ever present smoking caution labels.
But a lot of warning signs are put up just to make us overlook the real danger. They are there to get us to thinking something is wrong when it is not. All the while more destructive events are happening, Healthcare Reform. When people are allowed to determine who gets to live or die based on the cost, things are out of control. Why are we in such a hurry???? I am not against healthcare. I have problems that the traditional ins company, in all of their fiscal greed, will not cover! The medical business has brought this on themselves with the overcharging for services, their need for all the toys they want. Success is good!!! Just don't pave the road to success over the graves of your so-called patients!

Just Warning!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No Waiting

This is our motto, in this Land of Ours! How many times have we been to the store and got behind someone who has a buggy full of things. The one who is so not moving at the speed we think they should. We feel our faces turning red with rage. Ready to give them a piece of our mind. Why? Don't they know who I am? I am more important than them!
Folks, take a chill pill. It is not a big deal unless you make it that way. But, it is this no waiting mentality that is driving our political landscape. Nobody owes us anything. Rights are not made in a factory and then given out for all to take. No Sir, we have to fight for our rights! If you don't think you can handle it, it will upset your poor little system, Just Rewards are coming to you. I know a lady that believes that cows milk comes from a factory, cows are not involved. If we remain ignorant, the ones who are fighting will take control. And no, we can't all just get along, sorry Rodney.

Just Fuming!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Do Overs

I was taking a trip down memory lane, and it was a pleasant trip for the most part. Thinking about how stupid I was at times.
I found this picture that Brenda took of me exactly 20 years ago this month. Man would I like to talk to that guy. What I would tell him is that life is not just a party to be enjoyed, but it is always a training ground for bigger and better things to come. I would tell him that there are going to be things he cannot control. Mistakes that turn tragic. Potholes that would make any road guy happy.
I have been given a second chance at something I cherish deeply, so the reason for the trip. Sometimes even we as an adult get do overs.

Just Happy

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Good Times

A buddy of mine came up and hung out with me. Of course we had to make the required trip to Chili's, they know us there. After eating the Hot Wings and such, we had to fulfill an obligation at other locations to attempt to drink one more beer. The attempt failed. One became many that is the only way they got this picture. Thank goodness for DDs. I am the one with hair.

Just Partying.

My Beautiful Girls

My sweet young daughter decided to get married again, and that is wonderful. Macie Grace is the little one, and since she is the only girl, is quite spoiled. With 6 guys for cousins I think she will always have protection. I think my girls are very pretty. Just Braggin!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Life Can Suck at Times

In this life we live in, there are many and various hurdles we must jump or fail trying. I thought for my entire life that I was 10ft tall and bullet proof. I had not had a match since Superman died.
Well guess what, I could not have been more mistaken. There have been so many things that kicked my butt. I think that the events will not harm me, there is not a magic weapon that can hurt me. But get a reality check ready, let some one you love, trust, adore, etc. up and leave you, by act or by death, it will kick you in the privates! I am now a pro at dealing with the bull life can give you, but the joy that I live by is that everything and every event has a cycle. Things do actually improve inspite of the other actors in the drama! Just thinking.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What to do.

It is amazing the way some people react to situations that confront them. Some cry, some scream, and some just run away. Why do people get their panties in a wad over things that don't matter? In my short, but 55 years of living I always thought that people would mellow with age. It seems that my thoughts were wrong, we still think like a 19 year old at times. Perhaps, it will come to pass that we as a group will get our minds right and start to accept that the fact we don't always get our way. Solomon said that a story sounds truthful until we hear the other side.Just asking?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just a newby

This is my first attempt at this! The line forms to left for laughter.