Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time Changes Us

Things change as we age. Bits and pieces of our body don't function like they once did. Our knees get stiff. Our backs hurt, it becomes hard to remember the everyday things of life. It is tough to shake hands, because of the pain in our hands. Life becomes a challenge to just function.

This reminds me of a story. An old friend told me of a conversation he overheard in the, We Are Not Dead Yet nursing home he lives in. There are 3 guys that live there, all of them widowers, and life long friends. Coffee together every morning at 8:30 sharp. They talk about old times, the politics of the day, pretty much everything they can think of. Time is something they have lots of. One morning, one of the guys said to the other two," you know boys, if there is anything I wish I could do, it would be to have a good pee! It is always a struggle and it never works the way it should. It is such a pain, I just wish I could have a good pee"! "Well, "the second of the guys said " since it is true confessions this morning, I wish I could have a good movement. I take salts, laxatives, and anything else that can be imagined, but nothing helps! I struggle with bloating, constipation, and untold pain, nothing is working. I just wish I could have a good movement"! The third friend finally took his turn. "Well boys"said the third friend, "every morning at 6:00 I have a good pee! Everything just works the way it is supposed to, no problems! Then every morning at 7:30 I have a perfect movement. None of the problems that most of the people our age have. I don't have to take any laxatives or anything." The other two friends are feeling a little jealous at this time. Finally the third friend says" But you know what I wish boys? I just wish that I could wake up before 8:00!"
Just Wishing


MarmiteToasty said...

Smiling at all your stories.......... what a way to start my day :) fanks...


LandShark 5150 said...

Mad Man, I couldn't agree with you more about getting older. Read your comment on chup's blog, grandkids are great. You do notice how short life is on this blue slab. I remember me dad and I were going steer wrestling and I commented to him "you're too old for this", he was 43. Well he came off his horse did a over-ender busting out his knees and a$$ out of his jeans. Ate a mouthful of dirt and me, I was falling off my horse laughing at the sight. He was laid up on the couch for days. After a few "I told ya so", he said "in my mind, I still could -- well I know better now." I, now, understand. I'm older than he was at the time and I feel it more everyday.
I love your style, one day I would love to meet you over a beer. Sharky

Karen said...

Too Funny