Friday, September 4, 2009

They Know You are Coming!

I was visiting with a friend of mine the other day. The normal conversation, politics, religion, and of course the weather, like we could change anything. It wasn't long until the subject of the end came up. He asked if I was getting all the letters from funeral homes and cemetery's the way he was. Well of course, the mail box is full of that stuff, plots for sale, prepaid funerals, death insurance for our families and our spouses.

We discussed the descriptions that the cemetery's gave of the view, the old growth trees, the gentle stream that runs thru the area. "Do you think that we will see where we spend the rest of time" I asked him? His answer was "are you kidding me, when you are gone, you are gone"! "Well, how about the funeral homes and their super duper caskets, made of hand rubbed walnut and all the padding" I asked? Once again he said"are you kidding me, do you really think that we will feel that comfort"?

Our conversation continued after we changed the subject. But after a few minutes, when it was time to hang up, my friend said " what a business death is, we don't get to make any choices unless we pre-plan, and we might as well do it. After all, they do know that we are coming"!

Just Avoiding!!


Adam said...

death is a funny business... and don't i know it!

Karen said...

This is so true. We are here on loan anyway and you can't take anything with you, so enjoy.