Monday, September 14, 2009

Release Your Seatbelt!

Listening in on conversations the other day at my favorite Bar & Grille, I was once again amazed at some of the things said. One guy talked about his old lady, "she talks too much"! Another guy said that his wife spent to much at Wally World. The amount of gripes overheard was mind boggling and made me think what was wrong with these women.
The guy with the talking wife, wanted to find a way to stop the conversation when he was driving. What could he use? He was serious, but I wondered how could his wife talk too much? Nobody could get a word in edgewise with him, he never shut up! The guy griping about his wife spending so much shopping, was drinking and eating the best offered, and plenty of it!
This was a reminder of a story I once heard; One Sunday morning, in a small country church, the Devil came to visit! This was a typical white board building with a center aisle and windows on all the walls. The Devil made his presence known by kicking open the front doors and growling like a Lion. As he made his way down the middle aisle, people were jumping out of windows, the preacher was hanging onto the pulpit and shaking like a wet dog. As the Devil got closer, the preacher turned loose and jumped out of a window like the rest, except for one old man! Satan stood behind the pulpit and roared at the old man. The old man never even flinched. Satan said "do you know who I am?" The old man said "yes I do". "Aren't you afraid of me? Don't you know my powers" asked Satan? "So what" said the old man. Satan asked the old man why he wasn't afraid. The old man continued" I have been married to your sister for 58 years, and trust me, she is meaner than you"!
So earlier when I was wondering what was wrong with those women, it was only about their judgement when comes to men!!

Just Unbelievable


Gia's Spot said...

Oh man you are so right on this one!! I have coffee on thursday mornings with a group of 22 men, all ages, races, etc. and each one complains about his female companion about all the things I see him doing every thursday! It is so funny! But my Dad always said look at who is pointing his finger and only one is towards anyone but himself!

Karen said...

This is so true. It is hard to make a man happy because he doesn't even know what he wants, half the time. Keep writing and keep us laughing.