Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God is Great, Beer is Good, and People are Crazy

The words to the title are the main story line to a current country song. But the truth in this statement is profound! We are inundated with stories of crime. Murder, robbery, car jacking, vandalism, terrorism, you name it, it is happening! People are so crazy that killing themselves for some off the wall religion is acceptable. Do you remember those cult members in Garland Texas, that committed mass suicide because the space ship was on its way to pick them up. But they made sure to have their new tennis shoes on.
Kids blowing themselves to kingdom come for reasons only their Iman knows for sure. If it is so glorious, why don't the Leaders do it first? Come on guys, lead by example!
Honor killings, because the daughter did not date the one picked out for her at birth. These people need to leave our country, because they do not feel subject to our laws and behavior standards. When I have had conversations with different people, they always bring up "in my country". That usually ends the discussion. Go talk to the Left, the bleeding hearts that believe that the immigrant's native laws apply more than ours.
Speaking of beer, a wonderful adult beverage. It seems now that none of our major brewers are American owned or operated. Why in the name of all that bubbles have we been sold out? We now have insane laws about beer and its consumption. Yet by the same token, the dry towns are now wet. Do you think that revenue is the driving force? Without all the DWI arrests, how could these city fathers build monuments to themselves. Oh, I guess it is concern for (fill in the blank) and surely it could not be greed. Tax and spend.
Then we need to talk about God. God is the name that mankind has given to the creator, but we can not truly know the mind of God! I have heard it said that God does not care. He does care a lot, but to put in Mangoism, we are similar to balls being rolled down a hill. How you might ask, well let me tell you, once you turn loose of the balls, there is no longer anyway to control them. Once our feet hit Terra-firma, we are in control of our own destiny. Nobody is given a get out of death free card.


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