Monday, September 21, 2009

Questionable Wisdom

Hippies are a part of life here in the US. Whether you grew up with them, you were a hippie, or you were raised by one! Regardless if you agreed or not, Hippies had there own form of wisdom, which was simple. As in; Make love, not war. You are on the bus or off. Go with the flow. Feed them your dreams. You create your own reality. Common terms today, but were they ever controversial 40 years ago.

The other day I overheard a mother and daughter talking. It was while they were shopping for shoes at a high end department store. The mother was trying on some very elegant high heels. The daughter, about 30 years old and very over weight, loudly spoke to her mother "don't get those high heels, they will give you Plantars Fasciitis. Besides that, high heels hurt my feet"! The mother replied, "that sounds like something only fat people will say"! The daughter was offering what she perceived to be wisdom, but what an ass, she made of herself!

The source of wisdom is usually experience, but not always a good experience. I love to learn, but not the hard way. But, for some reason, it is required for me to learn like the overweight daughter did. Wearing my words like a badge of dishonor! How many times have we said things that we thought every one that could hear us, would stand and declare us to be the wisest, most sage, of this generation. Only to be embarrassed by how stupid we sounded. What we said made absolutely no sense at all. Such a moment to cherish!

When I listen to these people that are in charge. Because we elected them, spout some outright lies to us, then try to pass off what they said as wisdom, I wish they could feel the ridicule like the heavy girl felt the other day. Why cant they get it. If what they say goes against common sense, how can that be wisdom. If you owe a thousand dollars, that you can't pay, how is borrowing another thousand going to fix the fact that you can't pay the first thousand? These people say we just are not capable of understanding such things. Once again, where is the common sense?

Let me sum up my Madness in these last few word. If it is wisdom you seek, as we all should, wisdom never disagrees with common sense. Lies are still lies, and you will never prove to an idiot, that they are an idiot!!!

Just Mango!!!


You may call me Your Majesty. In fact, I insist. said...

But Mango, heels can cause planter's fasciitis!
I think your story is more an example of how our leaders aren't listening to us and how they throw out platitudes or insults to cover their ineptitude instead of offering practical solutions.

I LOVE your last couple of sentences, they're so true.

Nickie Goomba said...

It just doesn't sound like madness to me. I'm surrounded by aging hippies, and they daily 'work' toward the destruction of Judeo-Christian values.

John said...

"All we are saying give Peace a chance"