Monday, September 14, 2009


Chinese for friendship.
In our lives we have had many friends. In the first grade my best friend was Phil Brown. But as time went on and we moved, the mantle was placed on the shoulders of John Spurlock, and that friendship lasted until our late twenty's! Great guy that would do anything to help me at any time. But time changed things again, moves, marriage and so on! As age started speeding up, the qualities wanted in a friend changed too, different values and life changes endured!
The best friend that I hang with has been around now for 20 years or more. He helped me when I was down from heart surgery, he cried with me when my wife died. He is never far away, always with a cold adult beverage in hand. I just want people to stop and remember those that have been in our lives and helped shape us into who we are. They have done more than we can ever measure. What would we have been if they weren't there?
So in appreciation, I tip my hat to,FRIENDS! Thanks, OLC, for being there all along!

Just Friends


Karen said...

Friends are wonderful, the problem is, we live sometimes, without them. Remember your friends.

Gator said...

Friends are better than family any day. So thankful I have wonderful friends that surround me in love. I hope I do them right by returning just as much love...

Denney Crane said...

I sure like the way you wait until you have something to say... and then say it, very well I might add!