Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Texas is Special!

It is amazing how the values and morals of people change. They either improve or denigrate to horrible lows. Think of those brave men that stood for us at the Alamo, against odds that would make most modern people, run and hide. The courage needed for such a task is almost completely missing from today's society. Thank God it fell to those men! If it were to be the same situation today, the lawyers, civil rights groups, and the bleeding hearts would be crying to the high heavens, begging for a civil, and war-free agreement. Today's people are so passive that they would rather live in bondage, than offend their enemy's, or their own children. It might damage their self esteem, and make them violent towards them. Once again it seems like fear to me!
What has caused this wonderful nation to become so greed stricken, fearful, and complacent, to take this horrifying tumble down this slippy slope to oblivion? The lack of a real vision or a unifying goal! I see people come from other country's and become big in business. Why, because they have drive, and are not afraid of offending their competition. They, as a group of people, stick together, and do business with their own. What is wrong with that, nothing. There have always been divides in human kind, and there always will be. It is not the color of skin, it is the cultural differences that divide. Until we have one culture, it will remain that way. There is no way that laws will make people unify! It is the laws that are meant for good, that ultimately divide people. One group feels slighted, while the other has things handed to it. It is amazing that people get into public office and they feel as if they are empowered to do things the way they see them, and will benefit them the most. There used to be statesmen that worked for this country. I suppose that if there any left, they are being pushed aside by the rich, and the agendas they are pushing!
The only thing that will unify this country, is a common goal, surviving an attack from someone trying to take over and destroy our country and culture. The original settlers of Texas were a motley crew of people from all over the world. So diverse, that there were several different languages spoken in the colony. But what unified the Texas cultural was adversity, in the form of an enemy from the south, Santa Anna!
His goal was to make himself the ruler of all the west. He felt as if he was ordained of God to rule with an Iron Fist. The people of Texas, unified and fought, and destroyed the tyrant's dreams. Hopelessly outnumbered by the enemy. As a result of these brave men and their sacrifice, we have Texas. We became one culture, and we are proud to be called Texans. I see a new Santa Anna in power, with the same goals and dreams. It appears that he is hell bent on destroying our culture! It is our move! TEXANS UNITE!!!!!

Remember the Alamo and Goliad!!!!


bluepitbull said...

And the Alamo again. Great post, brother.

Denney Crane said...

Unity is not what's being promoted by our community leaders... divide and conquer!

Karen said...

I am with you on this. I work in Public Health and see it everyday. I know what you are talk about. One voice, one purpose, it will take a unity get it accomplished.