Saturday, September 26, 2009

Soupy Sales

Soupy Sales has been around since long before I was born. He started in clubs as a comedian in Cincinnati in the early 1940's. His wit was very acerbic and biting, with a lot of innuendo! Lunch with Soupy was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. One of his frequent guests was White Fang, the biggest and the meanest dog on Earth! White Fang would talk to Soupy in dog-speak, then Soupy would translate. The story goes that once White Fang asked the question "what begins withe the letter F, and ends withe the letters uck?" Soupy said he didn't know, and White Fang said " Fire Truck, are you stupid?"

It is this misdirection and innuendo that is being thrown at we the people from every angle, today!

From the largest crowd in NFL regular season history, to the Muslim March, The Million Man March, ad nauseum. This country loves to be deceived and lied to. It has to be a fact, look at the people they elect to lead us. Crooks, every last one of them, yet they still have control of this country. They lead with lies, and falsehoods! But we should all know what they intend.
At least we knew what Soupy was up to, and it was all play. He is a genuine and honest man, and always has been. None of the racy stories has ever been proven about his show. He must have a very good guide for his life. I wonder who these politicians have for a guide?


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Denney Crane said...

I think they've replace Soupy with a bunch of Al Frankens in Washington...

That's why Washington DC is the biggest joke in the world!