Friday, August 14, 2009

The Hats We Wear

We all wear so many different hats. We men wear the hats of Son,Brother,Uncle,Father, Friend, Boss, Hunter,Husband. The list goes on and on. But on the other hand, women make men look like beginners when it comes to the number of hats they wear. They are Sister, Daughter, Friend, Counselor, Healer, Protector, Confidant, Mother, Wife, Comforter, Keeper of Secrets, Encourager, and far beyond this small list. How many times do we see Atheletes,as they are being interviewed, slide in "Hi Mom!" How often do they say Hi Dad? Not very often at all. When these same people hit it big, the first thing they do is buy Mom a new house! I am not saying Dads don't count, we just tend to be disinterested in our young. When a couple splits up, the Mom is usually the one who raises the kids. She tends to all those things that a man is supposed to do, in addition to her own! She wears both hats. Sorry guys, but the statistics are showing most men don't care. We tend to think that sending money every paycheck and picking the kids up every two weeks for lunch is showing our love and concern. We just blow off the facts and leave it to Mom! What a sacrifice! Lunch every two weeks, wow! The main hat that most men wear, is one of self-importance, we think that we can not be replaced! When we are gone, we might be missed for a season, but some other guy will put on the hat that we were wearing, and carry on. Nothing is forever, and life is always changing and evolving. Just treat the hat that God gave you to wear with honor.

Just Changing Hats!


Denney Crane said...

Tough enough... That sure speaks of how our children value our time most! Grandparents, many times are adored for that very reason.

And then, men of successful aspirations wear many hats; very seldom do they include selfless giving... me included.

Great post

Denney Crane

bluepitbull said...

I wasn't disinterested in my young.

My son wanted an educatoin outside of crummy home-schooling that my ex provided for him, so he came to live with me.

From age 12-14 he lived here and as he found out I expected things from him, like turning in homework and doing chores and checking in with me, he ran home.

I was at 18 years in the Army when I got him and worried myself sick, literally that I would be sent overseas and his mother would get him back and send him down the wrong path. I retired at 20, not by choice, but out of duty for my son. Now I have a huge house for just two, he depleted my savings and he's gone with no thought for anyone but himself.

The responsibilities the courts give to people not old enough to understand the ramifications of their actions is foolish. She lured my son away by promising to pretty much let him do whatever he wants. She got his ears pierced, lets him put on his 'gangsta' clothes and listen to music I wouldn't let him.

I absolutely am offended by what you said.

Mango's Madness said...

Just look at the word most. Not all men are bad! My first wife left me and my kids, raised em and they are doing well.

bluepitbull said...

Fair enough, it's an emotional charge for me.

My kid will never do well because his mother is a baby machine who cranks out kids for attention.