Friday, August 21, 2009


Tips are a hot subject for those who help us at the different places we go to eat. Eavesdrop and I am sure that some stories will be heard.
We can only imagine the bull these people put up with and still keep smiling. The wait staff knows who pays the bulk of their income, and it ain't the restaurant. I have been waited on by so many different types that I will only cover a few.
The super friendly and nice one, that can't get it right if you write down for them. But we still tip them because they are so nice. Another is the why are you bothering me type. Too busy trying to hit on some girl at another table, don't bother him, he is busy. Time to ask the manager for someone different! How about the phony friendly type, over the top, trying make you feel welcome and pampered! Not so sure about this one, they get a tip, but the normal percentage! Then there are the waiters that seem to just blend in with your group and make you feel like they are family. These guys and girls are very good and very smart! I always tip these people very well and am glad to do it.
I suppose that getting a waiter that suits you and me is as much luck as it is training. Kinda like finding a mate, but that is a different story.

Just Waiting, Tip not Included!

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