Sunday, August 16, 2009


This is a weird subject for me, I am the glass half full type. However, it is something we all suffer daily, but on different levels. Students feel it when their grades are not as high as they thought. They go down and fail their driving test. The little ones feel it when they miss the Ice Cream truck. When their little puppy runs away,that is tragedy Planning a big family picnic, the storms come and wash it away. Interviewing for a job, the job is promised to you, then all of a sudden it is given to someone else. The sudden death of a close loved one!
There are so many other things in life that can and do disappoint us, friends, family, a lover,weather, racing, the Dallas Cowboys. There are those of us that seem to have more than our fair share of disappointment. Why is that so? Is it fate, karma, divine,or self deception? Could the way we think effect the number of disappointments we have? That is a strong possibility. Are we looking at things thru rose colored glasses? Are we hearing what we want to hear and not what is being said? Believing that we can change things and others to fit our fantasy? The charge is self deception and" I plead guilty as charged, Your Honor!" There is always going to be disappointment, and no it can not be stopped! Having been convicted of self deception, I now must accept the fact things must be viewed live and not filtered. We, or I cannot hide from reality. No matter where we go,there we are! Today is the the day for change! The only thing that does not disappoint is the Hope that God gives!
Just One Day At A Time

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