Monday, August 3, 2009

Sadness or Joy

Today is a day of note for me. This day is the anniversary of the death of two people that I was very close to. My dad, 39 years, and my wife, 2 years.
I had a lot of difficulty dealing with these events for a long time. Extreme grief was the feeling I carried all of the time! The pain was without measure, I just wanted to quit! Everything!
But while I was in the depth of valley, some thoughts hit me. I was being selfish! You might say why? Well, the truth is, I felt sorry for myself! All I thought about was what I had lost, the good times we had.
When I opened my eyes, it did finally occur to me that these two people are in much better shape than I. Gone is the agony and pain that they suffered, the constant drip of morphine altering their mental state! They were released from the evil things that befell them.
Celebration is the main thing that came into my thinking, not their death, the transition. I feel so blessed to have known my Dad and Brenda. The joy we shared was without end. There was no way that it was expected for me to sit in sackcloth and ashes. That would really tick both of them off. Dad would have kicked my butt. Brenda would have made fun of me.
They had both made their peace with the Maker, and were ready to transition to a better life. That is cause enough to celebrate, not easy to do at first, but now is my everyday feeling!
A very wise man told me once, "when you die one of three things happen. You go to heaven,You go to hell, or You cease to exist!" I choose to believe in Heaven for my destination!

Just Celebrating!


Denney Crane said...

Talk about hitting the nail on the head, you sure slung the hammer!

Every so often, I tell my family not to grieve for me when I die, grieve for themselves. I will have died a happy and blessed man who moved to God's beautiful city.

It's up to them if they want to see me again, I can't make them choose Christianity. I do let them know I would love to hang out with them in heaven, just in case they don't know it already...

Anonymous said...

Hey Big Brother
I am happy that Brenda was a part of our families life. She will always be remembered as such a kind warm wonderful soul.
It is hard to believe it has been 39 years since Dad passed away I feel fortunate that you and others have memories to share of a man so close to me that I never got the chance to know.
Lots of love!
your baby sis Melissa

Jolene Dirks said...

We are not acquainted with grief in the same way our Lord is. We endure it & live through it, but we don't become intimate with it. To be honest & humble enough to say, "This is not mine to carry so I will let go & let God take this weight today" says alot about the man.

MarmiteToasty said...

Grief is one of the hardest things to deal with.... well, so far in life that is what Ive found to be true....

Sounds like you loved very much, and thats all one can ask...... to be loved..


You may call me Your Majesty. In fact, I insist. said...

Everybody grieves in a different way and I think it depends upon the circumstances. I am happy for you that you found a way to deal with and overcome the grief. Personally, I don't find it a selfish act to grieve, but an entirely human one.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is very, very powerful my friend! I decree and declare blessings and peace over your life today!