Sunday, August 16, 2009

The One!

We have all heard things or individuals referred to as "The One"! I have wondered all my life what determines "The One"? Is a bolt of lightning blasting from heaven? Is it a flock of butterflies invading our stomach? What is it? What pleases the eye of our grandparents is seldom pleasing to the younger crowd. What makes the bully in grade school, the teachers pet? On Gilligan's Island, Ginger or Mary Ann? Is it the Honda or the Toyota? Chocolate or Vanilla? Why would one girl get picked over the other in a beauty contest, and the girls are identical twins? This is a debate that rages on adnauseam! I know a man that has found the one true love, so far he is on marriage number thirteen (13). No bull! This is just one of the questions that I must ask while there is time to ask. It is just like the marriage pro I just spoke about, I don't think he has any idea either! Life is always evolving and changing, that is never going to stop. None of us get off of this earth alive. I believe that I have found the one, but it is not a wife, but it is "The One" who promised me eternal life, and an eternity of joy.

Just Found The One!

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