Sunday, August 2, 2009

Are You too old for Success?

I was sitting and talking with some friends the other day, the subject of success came up. We all had different ideas about what success really is.
One friend said, that it is being happy in what you are. Another friend said that it is being wealthy beyond measure. There were several more ideas thrown in as well.
The longer we talked, it was decided in our group that success is relative to age. Not necessarily calendar age, but mental age.
In our circle of friends we have a couple of guys that are about 90 years old, mentally. Yet we have guys that are 10 years older by the calendar, but they are about 35 mentally.
We believe that if J.C. Penny could become financially successful at the age of 65 after failing so many times in the past, anyone can do it. You must be willing to sacrifice everything, be ready to adapt, accept change, accept ridicule from your family and close friends. You are going to need a vision, clear cut goals and a timeline. And, if you know it all, you are going to hit a brick wall. Boom!! That will leave a mark.
I think the things that drive me is my desire to help those that need it and my service to God. Am I willing to give it all? You Bet!!

Just Believing!


Denney Crane said...

You're the man!

One of the Rivers said...

Yes! You are so right. It's so simply and so true, but yet so hard for many to really walk out. Be blessed!!