Friday, July 31, 2009

Riding Drag

When I was young my Dad would talk about how it felt like he had been riding Drag all day. So I asked him, what is riding Drag? He explained to me with a drawing much like the one above. He said, that it was usually the worst job to have when pushing a herd of cattle. He should have known, since he was raised on a cattle ranch. He explained that you have keep strays from stopping, you get to eat the dust from all the herd, and you get filthy dirty. The job stinks, but has to be done.
Dad told me that every job was equally important when driving cattle! Everybody has a role to play and a post to watch! It is like a car engine, if any single part breaks down, the whole thing shuts down. He knew that I would understand that description. Cars have always been my thing.
The biggest thing I learned from my Dad, is that everyone is important. There are no small roles in life, only small self centered people that think they are above others. All arenas of thought have these people in them. Religion, Government, Business and so on. It is not our job to judge these people, it is our job to do the best with the tasks that ours to do.
A lesson that is still taught in this country is that we should look out when we think we are on top of it all, we are about to fall!

Just Eatin Dirt


You may call me Your Majesty. In fact, I insist. said...

I don't think I've ever heard that expression, but I've certainly felt that way. Interesting post, I liked it.

Denney Crane said...

I've graduated to riding SWING... and on occasion, I operate the chuck wagon...

chupacabra said...

Good point and good illustration. I'm with DC- I think I'm more of a swinger. Yeah baby- yeah!