Friday, July 31, 2009

Help Wanted?

I would like to bring up a sore subject. It is the job situation that we face here in this country. The Help Wanted sign was seen in every business here in Wise county just a few short months ago. So what is the real cause for the extinction of this sign species? My personal feeling, Greed. I don't mean corporations, governments, or small business. Those are just generic terms for what they do. No, I am talking about the people that run these things. Bigger bottom lines! I called a long term friend of mine, who is the head claims guy for a large ins. co here in Texas. He said that business is great and he needs to hire some adjusters. However, the big wheels, in the head office will not allow him to. He must cut, the labor costs, it affects their bonus. He and his staff are being driven into the ground, but there is no relief in sight!
Then we have our county people to look at, since being elected, they have been on a spending binge, like a drunk that was just paid. Now they want more tax money from a population that is already hurting. I don't even want to start on the state and federal people.
Soloman said that a greedy man brings trouble to his family! Why can't these people realize that we, the citizens and employees, are their extended family?

Just Venting!

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