Sunday, July 26, 2009

Do Overs

I was taking a trip down memory lane, and it was a pleasant trip for the most part. Thinking about how stupid I was at times.
I found this picture that Brenda took of me exactly 20 years ago this month. Man would I like to talk to that guy. What I would tell him is that life is not just a party to be enjoyed, but it is always a training ground for bigger and better things to come. I would tell him that there are going to be things he cannot control. Mistakes that turn tragic. Potholes that would make any road guy happy.
I have been given a second chance at something I cherish deeply, so the reason for the trip. Sometimes even we as an adult get do overs.

Just Happy


You may call me Your Majesty. In fact, I insist. said...

I don't know what I'd tell the me of 20 years ago...probably get the heck out while you're still sane. haha

Sir Alan of Arkin said...

Yea, Right. I woulda told him when the stock market was going to crash again! When the Oil was to start on it's craze upward. Who won the superbowl and when, Thats right insider trading!!! at it's best!

Anonymous said...

Why are you posting photos of Freddy Prinz?

MarmiteToasty said...

I popped over from Chups blob :) hope thats ok..

Blimey, the things I would tell meself if I could go back 20 years lol.... but we live and hopefully learn, its the best one can go..

aint old photos just the funniest lol


chupacabra said...

If I could go back I would tell that kid that was/is me: Don't worry 90% of the stuff you worry about happening won't happen anyway.