Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No Waiting

This is our motto, in this Land of Ours! How many times have we been to the store and got behind someone who has a buggy full of things. The one who is so not moving at the speed we think they should. We feel our faces turning red with rage. Ready to give them a piece of our mind. Why? Don't they know who I am? I am more important than them!
Folks, take a chill pill. It is not a big deal unless you make it that way. But, it is this no waiting mentality that is driving our political landscape. Nobody owes us anything. Rights are not made in a factory and then given out for all to take. No Sir, we have to fight for our rights! If you don't think you can handle it, it will upset your poor little system, Just Rewards are coming to you. I know a lady that believes that cows milk comes from a factory, cows are not involved. If we remain ignorant, the ones who are fighting will take control. And no, we can't all just get along, sorry Rodney.

Just Fuming!


Kate said...

I read somewhere recently about children who think potatoes comes from factories. How did the western world become so stupid?

But going back to your post, I agree. Over here we're seeing a gradual erosion of our rights, and it's frightening to see how many people aren't prepared to stand up and fight for them.

bluepitbull said...

Very astute. We have become a society that thinks one second is too slow when waiting for a website to load. It's no wonder these looters in congress are able to get away with half the crap they pass.

We need to wrest back control of the government, shrink it, and get the damn sense of entitlement under control as well.