Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Empty Suit, or Soon To Be Saint?

I am not sure about the one that was elected President. He is either the luckiest man ever, or he is but a puppet for someone, or some group of very powerful people. How can someone who is very low on the income scale afford an Ivy League education. How can this same individual be schooled around the world. It is said that his mother was Caucasian, why is it that none of his family is ever seen. Is he ashamed, like his wife is of the U.S. and all it stands for. Who groomed and coached him in his quest for the top job. Why is he so arrogant and condescending to the citizens of this country.
Why does the media protect him and boost everything he says as gospel? Why if you disagree with him are you then labeled a racist? If you say anything against his plans you are investigated to see if you are a subversive. Our returning military are labeled as potential anarchists. These same people took an oath to protect this country and the Constitution of the U.S. What about his oath? Did the empty suit not swear to protect the Constitution of the U.S. Or is he just another Marxist liar. Why is he pushing for a socialist state for our country?
I am amazed at the way this country of ours is just accepting this dribble that he is dishing out and walking headlong into oblivion. He bows to the King of Saudi Arabia, a less powerful country than ours, is it a sign of weakness or is the King one of his benefactors?
How about his accomplishments. 1. America is no longer a Christian nation. 2. He is buddies with a Marxist dictator dedicated to the destruction of the U.S. 3. His pastor is a known racist. 4. Iran is not the least bit afraid of him, no spine. 5. He took the ownership of the auto companies away from the people and now the Federal Government is the majority owner. What usually happens with Federal Property, it is locked away never to be seen by the people again. 6. He got a stimulus package put together, more foreign country's benefited than any U.S. companies. Try to get a stimulus loan. If you are not a foreign national, not a chance! 7. By the way he wants your guns!! 8. How about the big banks. I wish it was possible for us little guys to get multi-million dollar bonuses for bankrupting a company, like these clowns did. The Administration knew about the deal before the money was sent.
Yes Sir, this empty suit has accomplished a lot, way more than I can list. When he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for nothing, it solidified my feelings that there is some group of big money people pushing this phony. Are you ready to just lay down and take in the rear? I am not, and I for one, am totally disgusted with this public display of worship for him. I am willing to bet that there will be pressure brought to bare on the Pope to make the empty suit a living Saint!
Get ready kids, the bull is not over yet. It seems that it is going to get worse before it gets better.


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