Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When I Grow Up!

Often my thoughts will fall into the realm of what to do when I grow up. A 56 year old man still wondering, what a concept. Perhaps an astronaut, that would be fun. But the training would dip into my personal time. Maybe a fireman, but that require getting up in the middle of the night. Not something fun to do, we do need our sleep.
As the thinking continued, the world needs a new Superstar came up. Now that might be fun, riding around in a limo. Living in a big house in Beverly Hills. New girl friends constantly. Big, decadent parties, pure pleasure all the time. I forgot! There is no musical talent in me and it is hard to imagine all the old ladies becoming groupies. Their children would put a stop to it, and most of them would not want to wear Bikinis all the time. Once again, dream ended.
Now what could be the best gig on earth, being King, a CEO of a major corporation, Governor of one of the states. No way any of these things are good enough.
The only thing left is the perfect deal. It is the job of being the President of the US. Name another job that you can make laws and enforce them. Have armed body guards for you and your family. You can change the way people live. You tell your subjects what their opinions will be. You tell them what to wear, what drugs they will take, where they will live and how much they will earn. There is the ultimate military at your disposal. A fleet of jets to take you anywhere you desire at a moments notice. Your own private vacation home, impeccably maintained. You never have to pack for a trip, your entire wardrobe is duplicated everywhere you go. There is a personal valet always laying out your clothing and shoes. Your meals are always made to perfection. Every leader on earth wants your job, and jealous of you. It doesn't matter if people hate you, they just seem to go away. Maybe they are now sleeping with the fish.
If I am lucky enough to follow this buffoon who has the job now, it is possible to become a legend that everyone wants to be like. Kids would be named for me, roads and schools would bear my name. Yes sir, by the time this guy that is in there now is gone, the job might then be called the Royal Imperial Leader who advises the Creator. ( Remember we cant say God anymore)
I am excited about my new job, and think I only have to work for 4 years, and still maintain all the privileges of travel and protection. And to beat all, they will continue to pay for all those that stand around, do my bidding, and most of all kiss my butt! What a career!


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Jo said...

Can I be your girlfriend....oh wait, I don't have a bikini but I have a great looking one-piece suit. Oh right, I kinda have my own opinions, I like to choose my own dress for the day, I do OK with my own perscriptions, I really like my neighborhood, I'm not really very good at kissing butt.... but I would like to earn more. Oh h#ll forget it, sorry but I won't be voting for you. Good Luck!!!