Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blowin in the Wind, Driving in N Texas

  • A guy about 60, riding a Fat Boy, wearing dress slacks, dress shoes, no hair except for a comb-over, wearing a black Harley t-shirt. The front of his shirt was up almost to his chin and his big beer belly was in the wind.

  • Driving on LBJ at 7 in the morning. Woman driving in the fast lane, drinking 4-bucks coffee, putting on makeup, talking on her phone @ 70mph!

  • Driving west on 380 just past 156 and people refuse to go more than 50, the speed limit is 65.

  • Heading down the road and come upon a car driving 20 under the speed limit. When the next passing zone comes up you decide to pass and the jerk speeds up to 10 over the speed limit.

  • People waiting to the last minute, then pull out in front of you and go slow. They have got to know the problem that they are causing.

  • Traffic stopped for 30 minutes, when you get there it is someone with a flat tire!

  • People sitting at a green light until it turns yellow, they were on the phone!

  • A driver in front of you, they are weaving, going slow, then fast, to you they appear drunk, when you finally get around them you see they are on the phone.

  • People that think that it is okay for them to pass in the turning lane or on the shoulder!

  • People that pass you going so fast that you think it is an emergency, they are sitting at the next light when you get there.

  • Rock trucks dropping part of their load as they drive down the road.

  • Drivers that will not pass the other one, so they roll down the road at 60 on a 65 mph speed limit.

  • These are just a few of the things I have seen, and I would love for you to give me the story of your driving horrors.


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Jo said...

Living in a small rural town when all the farmers, on their combines or hauling in grain, are on the road going 20 mph on a 55mph road with no lights on their equipment.