Sunday, October 4, 2009

Farm Stories

Having been raised in an agricultural way, I have seen a lot of crazy stuff and heard a lot of stories about the same. The hardest lesson I ever learned was when I wrote my name on the wall with milk, while milking a cow. My grandfather was not proud of me at all, he could not stand waste. Getting stepped on by cows, horses, and various other animals. Cleaning out stalls, cleaning the barn, after the milking was done. This is not a list of my favorite things to do, just things we did as kids.

But the stories we heard, when the work was done, was pure entertainment. My favorite was the story of the new bull. This story has been told by many people, but Grandpa told it so much better. Maybe it was because it was Grandpa telling it.

This rancher decided that the 4 bulls that he had was not keeping his herd properly taken care of, if you know what I mean. So one day this rancher went to the auction, searching for a new bull. The 4 bulls heard about this and started taking among themselves. The first and oldest bull said" I have 43 cows that are mine and I have no plans at all to share". The second bull said" well boys I have 22 cows and sharing is not in my plan". the third bull said about the same and finally it got to the fourth bull. The fourth bull said " Look guys, I only have one cow, and a couple that sort of like me, I really don't plan on sharing". Of course the chat went on for hours, planning on how to put this new bull in his place.

A few days later this big truck and trailer pulled on to the ranch with the pipes just bellowing and belching big black smoke. When the truck backed up tp the new corral, the new bull was set loose in the pen. He was a great big black bull with horns that were 2 foot long on both sides of his head. He roared and pawed at the ground. He tried to tear down the corral, he was just that kind of bull. This bull was a lot more than they expected! You might say that their minds were filled with fear!

The first bull lamented " maybe I was too harsh and quick to judge our new member. I think that I will share some of my cows". The second bull said" he does not seem like a bad sort, I am going to welcome him and share my cows. It is the friendly thing to do". The third bull said" we really should not have such a mean spirit about this situation, I am going to share and perhaps learn from him". They did not want to rock the boat, the new bull was much bigger than anyone had seen in the past. Finally, the forth bull threw his head up, bellowed and pawed the ground. The other bulls yelled at the fourth bull"you are crazy, he will kill you". The fourth bull yelled back at the other three "I know, but I want him to know that I am a bull too"!

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Jo said...

I can't relate to your story, must be a guy thing or bull thing, but being raised on a small Iowa farm it brought back many stories of my own.
My cousin, a city kid, use to come & spend a week or so in the summer. We were born 4 days apart, mom's were in the same room & the same doctor delivered us.....but anyway back to the story. He would build tunnels in the hay mount & dangle things down in between the bales like it would be at a haunted house. I did not realize but come to find out, I am a bit claustrophobic. Then as I'm crawling on my belly through bales of dried hay & 102 degrees, he would shine a flashlight down one of the cracks & one of my old dolls would be hanging by her foot with a rope. I think that was the last time for me in the tunnels.
We use to have hugh snow drifts, at least 5'-6' tall & we would build snow forts in them, just like a house. The snow was packed so hard you could walk on the roof & not fall through.

Oh yea.....anyone that's lived on a farm always has a good story to tell.
Thanks for the flashback.