Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Peaches and Cream, Change to Dread!

We have been promised changes that will be as good as peaches and cream. Things will be so good that we will forget any hard times that ever happened in our lives. Yes, these changes are going to heal all the troubles that this old world can dish out. And it is so very simple, all we must do is turn off our ability to think. Turn off our morals, concern, logic, or anything else that might interfere with the change.

Now that we have turned off our compassion and logic the magic can begin. First we must start chanting that we are wrong and the President is the only one that's right. Second we will need to completely agree with what ever he says. We will need to enroll our children and grand children in his training camps, he did write the agenda. If he says that we must tattle on someone, so be it. Thinks can then really begin to change. Just think, there will be no old people driving and blocking the road. They will be so much better off not having to bare the burden of old age. We won't have to look for homes for orphans anymore. Those that are unwanted will never exist. There will not be sickness anymore. Universal health care will solve that problem. The soon to be Sainted one says so. Just think, if you don't have the money for insurance, the federal government will tax all that money from you that you should have spent on health care. That way someone who is here illegally can be properly taken care of. You had your chance. So if you get sick, the chance of the board approving treatment for you is slim.

Oh wait a minute, if there are no older people around, what happens in that few short years when I am there? The more I look at this man and his mission, the more parallels seem to exist that relate to a certain regime earlier in the 20th century. Reorientation classes for those that don't adhere or obey. Just ask those people in Montana! Camps set up for such. Road blocks to check for the swine flu vaccination. Taking the middle class out of existence. Basically running Christians out of government. Being Muslim is better in this administration.
Things my friend are not good, and I feel that the battle is about to begin. I just hope I am ready to give up all that is necessary to defeat these asinine people and their agenda.


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Ryan said...

Duuuuuuuuude. Where are you??