Friday, October 23, 2009

Blogging Hiatus, Or Medical Woes to Cherish

The last 30 days have been an adventure in total frustration. It all started with the THE MOVE! Moving is not the most pleasant thing to do, even under the best circumstances. Getting rid of extra stuff, arranging for storage, help moving, a truck, turning off utilities, and on and on! Just when you think that you have all the bases covered, guess what, something else pops up.
With the move out of the way, I was looking forward to happily blogging away. Well the perils of Hypertension decided to attack with a vengeance. The Doctor responded with much alarm, ordering multitudes of tests. Reading the results, and prescribing tubs of pills for daily consumption. After beginning the ingesting of the mass quantity's of pills, I began to stabilize as far as my BP was concerned. However, the result of dropping the pressure 50 points on top and bottom, was drunkenness without drinking. I could barely walk,could not drive, and holding a clear and coherent conversation was not to be. No way I could even put words on paper and make any sense at all. Finally things leveled out.
But fate was not done with me. I got attacked by the Pig, and he bit me. That Pig can bite! First he kicked me in the head, then he body slammed me on the floor. The pain was bigger than I thought he could deliver. He wasn't done with me yet. Then he filled my lungs with junk which made the coughing begin. That Pig is one tough character!
Well things are finally getting back to normal, so here it comes, more Madness!



bluepitbull said...

You need to take care of yourself, brother. i had stressful events this summer and for a time before that and I am on two BP meds in addition to a slew of asthma meds.

I shall pray for ya.

YM said...

Goodness, you've had a rough time haven't you? I am glad to hear you're feeling better.

Gator said...

Yea! Glad you are back...please follow dr's orders and get better. Got bit by the nasty old pig, too. For the last week I've coughed up both lungs.

mzchief said...

Glad to learn you are on the mend. I am quite pleased to know you beat the pig.

Anonymous said...

I will say a prayer for you.