Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hypertension, Part Deux

The rumors of my premature death have been greatly exaggerated! My old Nemesis, hypertension has attacked again, with a vengeance! Now it seems that things are finally under control and life can get back to normal. There is debris along side the road to recovery. I can no longer enjoy my favorite adult beverage, cold beer. Oh well, it is just the way it is. I now have a little energy to start irritating people again.



chupacabra said...

Mad man- take care on this issue- at your age (no offense) it is nothing to play with. I've just seen it too many times when guys don't take extraordinary care of themselves and have a stroke.
Anyway, blog away man and use it for your therapy- I enjoy the laughs.

Karen Mangus said...

You are doing so much better since you found the right Dr. to find the right formula. You will be around to see your grandchildren's children. I am so glad
your wife