Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting Old, What a Trip!

Getting older can be a kick in the stomach of life. I know women that want their grandchildren to call them Auntie. A couple of guys that I know have their kids, and grand kids call them by their first name.
We might as well embrace getting older, no one has learned how to reverse time. There are not miracle cures for wrinkles. One lady who will remain nameless, spent untold amounts of money on face and necks wrinkles. That was two years ago, they're baaack!!! There is nothing that will let you just slap chop age away. No pill, cream, ointment, magic sheets, magic underwear, secret food that the government does not know about, but those snake oil salesmen make some money doing it.
Enjoy these few jokes.

Thanks to JO!

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