Thursday, February 18, 2010

Watching Paint Dry

Again, I was at my favorite Neighborhood Bar and Grill, visiting with one of the many people that are good for a story. This time it was Billy telling me about his new idea, the sport of Watching Paint Dry! I asked him about his new sport. He began to reveal to me the plan that he some of his buddies had worked out. "Oh really" I asked,"please, tell me the details?" Billy began,"Well what we are going to do is rent a small gym that has big seats. Some of our fans are going to be large people. We are going to hire attractive girls to sell beer and fast food." "What kind of fast food are you going to sell, Billy",I asked? He answered,"hot dogs, burgers, pizza, and of course hot wings." "Okay, now we know what you are going to serve, but tell me about the sport," I said, "I can't wait to hear your plans!" Well, guess what ol Billy has it all worked out in his mind. So he continued, " what we are going to do is have 2 teams that will paint a 2x12, 10 ft long. Each team will paint a board, the referees will test each board to see which board drys first. There is going to be play by play announcing during the match." I had to ask, "Who do you plan to get to do the announcing?" Of course he had the answer, "Brad Schamm and Dale Hanson, the best duo there ever was!" " Do you know what they will cost" I asked? "We will ask them to donate the time to help us out, I don't know them, but I hear they are nice guys. They do all those commercials on TV, and I heard they do them just to help those companies" he replied.
Imagine a sport totally dedicated to paint drying. Only Billy could come up with the idea, but that is just Billy. who knows, maybe we will see his sport hit the big time. But, I do so doubt it!


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