Friday, March 19, 2010

Texas March Madness

Listening to the network and local weather forecasts is becoming a beating. All of these weather stars have more excuses than Carter has pills. You may ask why I watch this dribble? It is some sort of perverse joy in watching the self righteous fall, get it wrong, then blame the gods that they were wrong.
The weather is ever changing here in North Texas, and of course it has to bigger and badder than anywhere else on earth! With it being March, the first day of Spring near, history should teach us that we will have a one more good freeze. No planting until after Easter! Remember straw hats, okay to plant. Felt hats, need to wait!
My Grandmother was correct in her country ways. She said," There are only two kinds of people that predict North Texas weather, fools and newcomers." She added, " I don't know anybody new!"


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bluepitbull said...

I remember when I was a little boy I used to sled in Veteran's Park in Arlington. Fun times.