Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whats Stuffed in Your Console?

When I buy a car for personal use or resale, I always go thru every crevice and cranny the car has. And having done this several hundred times I have developed a idea about the true behavior and habits of people. Finding year old french fries, ketchup packs, mustard packs, used toothpicks, forks, spoons, CD's, old batteries, broken cell phones and chargers. Should I go on?  No, I'll save you the boredom. What is so surprising about the hidden contents is one of disbelief, that these seemingly upper crust people, have a secret life. Always hungry, lazy, sloppy, dirty, need music, sneaking a drink, fear of a breakdown.  Maybe, or they are just hogs wearing a silk shirt.


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AnObiter said...

I love it. Peeking into a person....! =) But, um, I'm never going to let you get into my