Monday, September 13, 2010

Whose Religion is the Best?

The news lately is just full of venom and hate. This religion is mad at that religion because this religion called that religion unbelievers. Okay? Is the statement true or not? If you don't adhere to their faith and beliefs, then you actually are an unbeliever. On the other hand, if they don''t follow your religion then they are unbelievers.  Of course that calls for bombings, murder, war, you name it, to stop the spread of that evil religion.
Could the rest of the world be told what these know it all religion experts know, so that we can settle the spiritual matters and get on with feeding starving people. I do not follow any one preacher or teacher because I am perfectly comfortable learning on my own. Just study the foundation of any so-called faith, get into the inner workings of that faith, then see if you blindly follow Rev. Soandso.  I might be a handful if one of my grand kids was brain washed into blowing himself up in the name of some BS religion.
 What about all the environmental folks, the vegans, gays and lesbians, Republicans, Democrats, elitists, northerners, southerners, it seems as if everyone has a religious axe to grind. Why do I call it religious? Just ask yourself," what do I spend the most time thinking about?" Whatever it is, that is your true love, with a strong chance of it bordering on being your faith.
Oh well, I have pissed off enough people for now, I am just tired of hearing the people on TV and Radio telling me to send my money to God, just use their address. By the way, if I do something heroic and I am awarded 77 virgins, do I get to go back to being 25?  I need to check the fine print.



YM said...

The world just seems to get crazier and crazier.
The one thing all religions have in common is that their zealots are beyond reasoning.

terry said...

it hasnt change in all of history. if it wasnt for religion we would have no history of war its like which came first the chicken or the egg. reliigion or war?

Anonymous said...

Religion is a belief, spirituality is a way of life. I wish they would get it, but they will always have the religious leader pushing their beliefs. I am spiritual and live in a state of bliss, because I know my grandchildren aren't being used in the name of religion. They may grow up knowing that they are loved and freedom to love anyone or any religious belief.

Buenohead said...

It seems we can all interpret the word religion and the word spirituality the way we want to and we can blame religion for war and all the things that help us come to terms with what we want to believe.

Those who label all Christians as bad because of wars and murder should also paint themselves with the same brush because the murdered is human and so are we all. That's the problem with using a broad brush, you always end up covering the painter in the end.

On the other hand, if I follow a religious belief system, why would I not think it right? If it's not right, why follow it?