Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just Wondering

At my favorite neighborhood bar the conversation turned to talk about things we don't know or understand. Here is a list we came up with. Included are things we are thankful for.
  • How can something small be called big, as in Jumbo-Shrimp?
  • Why do most families have a black sheep?
  • Why do most people thank a Cop for a citation?
  • Why are some people always mean?
  • It is said that when someone is grumpy in the morning that they got up on the wrong side of the bed. Which side is the wrong side, right or left?
  • Why do bald guys do comb-overs?
  • Why is one religion better than all the others?
  • Is it still a lie if you say it a different way?
  • Why do women shave their eyebrows, then paint them back on?
  • Chocolate or Vanilla?
  • Why we park on a driveway, but we drive on a parkway?
  • If someone dies with the most toys wins, what does he win? Isn't he still dead?
  • Why do dogs and cats fight?
  • When did wrong become right, and who changed the rules?
  • Why do people lie?
  • If someone wins the lottery, does that make them a financial wizard?

But something we are thankful for: What if cows could fly?



chupacabra said...

Good ones: now I have something to think about tonite at work besides work

YM said...

Reminded me of this verse from childhood:

Birdie, birdie in the sky
Why'd you dirty in my eye
I'm a big girl I won't cry
But I'm sure glad cows can't fly.