Saturday, January 30, 2010


I heard about some possible new slogans for different groups. Some are pretty funny. Well, they are to me.

Procrastinators - Tomorrow is a dream, that's when we will do it..

PGA Golf - You have 18 holes to get it right.

U.S. Congress - Thanks for making us rich.

Nebraska - Corn rows, not just a hair style.

Oklahoma - If your white clothes are red now, You are here.

MADD - we all know this group, there is a new group started called DAMM - Drunks against Mad Mothers

Red River Shoot Out - Texas/OU game. When Texans play Texans

Grave Diggers - We are 6 foot deep in our business.

Lonely Hearts Club - Sometimes too much to drink is not enough.

Hospitals - We bury our mistakes.

Masons - We can't tell you, it is a secret.

Old West Sheriffs - Our clients just hang around.

How about religions

Baptist - We take the Bible and slap the hell out of you.

Pentecostal - We do more than just roll in the aisles.

Catholic - Do you feel guilty? How about now?

Spiritualists - We will haunt you.

Morman - Our Bible is better than yours.

Muslim - Allah is love. Convert or we will kill you.

Tele-Evangelists - Send your money and gifts to God. Here, use my address.

Church of Christ - We are the only religion that is right. Sorry about your bad luck.

Then of course there is the I.R.S. - Trust us. We are here to help you.

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