Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Desire of Humans to be the only one Correct.

Wow! I have never been so wrong about so many things, more importantly, according to recent conversations, life after death. It has been stressed to me by one individual that it is required of all of us to earn our place in heaven. However, another has firmly stated that we must call the creator by his proper name. Of course, his group is the only one that knows what it is. The list of all-knowing goes on forever. 
When I was young and in the dating scene, many eligible dates were eliminated due to religious differences. Unequal yoke was the reference used most often by all the adult leaders. To ask why was a slap in their collective faces. Accept their authority and the lofty position that the creator had bestowed upon them. Why do people obsess over being right? 
Of course it is not only matters of faith, every part of life is the same. The car you buy, yep heard that one. The house you buy, that to. Where you shop for food, clothes, furniture, gasoline, tacos, burgers. The Doctor you go to, where did they go to school. What team do you follow and believe in. Chocolate or vanilla, malt or shake. What if you want a hotdog instead of a burger. Damn, is there anything that the feeling of right does not come into play.

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Obi said...

If we had to "earn" our passage into Heaven, there'd not be a soul up There. This is the entire premise behind Heaven, I think....God's willingness to share His Bliss with those of His creations who tried to understand their place in His Heart and Wishes.