Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Visit with an Old Man

I was visiting with an older gentleman the other day, and it was a pleasant chat. We talked about the little house in the country that he lived in. This little house was very clean, nice furniture and a huge bed. He loved his home! He said" I hope to live here until the day I cross over to the other side!"  He really loved his life and enjoyed sharing with others.  With this much joy being shown, I had to ask for advice or a word of wisdom to carry me on the rest of my life.
He said,"well son it is like this, you can tell that you are getting old when the hair in your nose and ears grows faster than the hair on your head." So amazed at this revelation I responded with," Sir, you don't have any hair in your nose or ears." he then said,"I have tweezers and I pull them, and by the way that is how I padded my mattress!" 


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el chupacabra said...

Ha, been wondering where you were going to post something.