Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Did Not Know

I must not pay attention to much. My refrigerator decided to stop working, it was a shock to me when I had to take a second mortgage to pay for it. I had to buy tires for my pickup, the cost required me to refinance my truck. I got a tax bill for some property I own, the appraised value is just at two times the amount I will sell it for. Some young woman who happens to be an actress, is put in jail for being an idiot, and the term is cut down because she is famous. Why am I supposed to care? The price for everything goes up! Why does our income stay the same? When is rich, rich enough? I am not upset or do I care, my life is good. Compared to most people on earth, I live like a King. Remember, I do live in heaven, aka TEXAS!


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