Sunday, July 18, 2010

Missing In Action

Now that I am back among the living, being able to see and all, back to the Grill and Bar it is. Expecting to get a big Welcome Home, nope, there were missing posters everywhere, with my picture on them. The manager said they had almost given up hope and declared me dead, or just very missing. All of this stirred my heart, so I asked for a beer.
I was able to catch up on the people that were always there, some moved away, and some just quit coming in. "What about Ralph" I asked? They told me that he had a run in with a bunch of people on carts at Wally World. "He is just not the same"he said. So I am going to call Ralph and get his side of the story, this should be a treat. So I will be back shortly with Ralph's tales of woe.


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