Sunday, July 18, 2010

Now I Can See!!

It has now been several days since since the Dr.s surgically removed the impedance to my ability to see. Yes, at my tender age of 56, there was a cataract blocking my vision. Please believe me, I am not a big fan of the medical scene. There is no chance of me ever becoming a Dr.s' groupie. But the people at the hospital almost changed my mind. These people were outstanding, very friendly and the consummate professionals. I waited in the lobby until the time of the knife. My name was called and I was led back to pre-op. Funny thing, you walk in, but they roll you out, just askin? Anyway, back to the story. The Nurse hooked up the wires, put in the iv, perhaps because I was telling a lot of jokes and stirring things up, that is why nurse showed me what she could do with the iv port in my hand. Good stuff, whatever it was. They woke me up for the surgery and off we went to the OR. There was people in white standing around, chatting, until I got there, then the party began. They taped over my good eye, and taped the right eye wide-open, and covered the rest of my face for surgery. As I am laying there, thinking will this ever be over? All of a sudden there is this strange noise you only hear in science fiction movies, it sounded like they were having a Light-Sabre battle right there, in the OR! I started to speak to the Surgeon, he mumbled something, and back to sleep I went.
The next thing I recognize is the light in the ceiling, with a nurse standing over me, saying" Wake up Mango, they're done. It is time for you to go." Nothing seems different to me, can't see anything with my right eye. Duh! It comes to my attention that there is a huge patch on that eye. They put me in a wheelchair and roll me to the door. As the nurse kicks me out on the curb, she says "Don't forget your Dr. appt. in the am. He will take the bandage off, and don't do it yourself!" As I started pulling on the tape, the nurse said, rather mother-like " I SAID LEAVE IT ALONE, THE DOCTOR WILL TAKE THE BANDAGE OFF, TOMORROW!!" So I put my head down in shame, poor me, then got into the car and left.
Off to the house I go, a big nap is my goal. I wanted to sleep like a baby, because my face and the top top of my head were still numb and starting to sting from the party. I was completely exhausted! When I got home, I went in and fell across the bed, hoping for sweet relief. Mission accomplished. I woke up the next morning, giddy as kid on Christmas morning. My hopes were high, positive that it all was fixed and back to normal.. My friend picks me up and we head for the appointment. When I arrive there was no need for me to sign-in at the Dr.s, my reputation preceded me, to the lobby we go. After the pre-set time had passed, I reported back to the Dr.s office for the first follow up. At the unveiling , the official removal of the patch, there appeared to be 2 of everything. Which made me glad that a friend of mine drove me to the Dr. It would have been a nightmare if I had driven, the dually is a little wider than most cars, so it was a lot cheaper to buy his gas! So anyway, the vision being double, walking became a bit of a challenge. There was steep steps everywhere I went, I felt like a cat with socks on. Then the duh moment; Just close one eye, suddenly things are normal again, so then I was finally able to take the cat's socks off. Several days have now passed and things are getting normal again. It is so nice to have both eyes operating at the same time! Of course you know I had to say it, yes sir I did. I said " Doc, I thought I had ordered a Lincoln, I didn't know I was going to get a Cataract!" The Dr. just shook his head.


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YM said...

At first I thought you were going to say they operated while you were awake! I'm glad it turned out well and you're seeing again.