Monday, July 5, 2010

Middle Age Madness, My give a damn is broken!!! LOL

I have decided to take the challenge and make a 1950's VW Bug go over 100 mph. Some of you old enough will remember, how slow those old bugs were, holding up traffic, people honking trying to get those drivers to speed up. It was basically impossible to get a Speeding Ticket.
You might ask, well I did say might, what is so special about going 100mph in an old 1950s Bug? Did I mention the call of Fame and Glory and how intoxicating they can be! The sound of that sewing machine sized engine, humming along, it is better than a pace maker! I just get goose bumps thinking about that sound. The efforts needed to compete are substantial, the car must be an original car, and the engine must be a stock 36 hp, with no modifications! As a comparison, today's yard tractors have almost as much horsepower as these old Bugs have. The stock vehicle must be built perfectly within the factory specs. No aerodynamic modifications are allowed, and the car must be street legal with tags and inspection up to date. With the record standing right now at 75mph, the record going up about 2mph per year, it makes 100mph quite a reach! If we could use one of the late model engines that have over 200 hp, oh, that would be too easy and the challenge would cease to exist! So Fame and Glory here we come in a Stone Stock 36hp Bug!! Oh by the way, the picture is of another crazy old man's Bug, running the challenge.
I will provide updates and let all know what is happening, sharing my madness and boundless insanity.



Teresa said...

This totally cracks me up! Good luck with your venture! It sounds like it could be fun.

chupacabra said...

How to make that bug go 100 mph? Push it with a SS Camaro!

The Donald said...

A friend of mine is discussing a similar notion - he has access to a 911 engine and is considering shoehorning it into his '70-something Thing (probably lowering the suspension a bit in the process).

It would be interesting...