Monday, October 25, 2010


According to this guy, Fred Phelps Sr. and his church, The Westboro Baptist Church, he is. Did God decide that he would give Phelps all of his judgement duties, because Phelps would do a better job? Why wasn't anyone told about God suspending his judgement powers?
The last thing that I heard was that God is Love, and humans judge. Much to these different religions chagrin,  there is only one God. 



bluepitbull said...

It really depresses me that I share a surname with this dude.

mzchief said...

Most religions/churches give God a bad name.

YM said...

He and his group of haters showed up in my hometown for a soldier's funeral; everytime they started yelling, the Patriot Guard revved their motors and drowned them out.

His god isn't my God.

That photo is funny and ironic.