Tuesday, October 12, 2010

War Without End?

Did you know that in the 3500 years of recorded history, there has been only 230 years that a war was not being fought.  So we have peace just 1.6% of the time. Are humans capable of peace and harmony? Why do people want to rule the world. This guy doesn't trust that guy who doesn't trust him. People fighting for peace. Violent protests for peace. Tell us all how peace can be achieved ? If there was a perfect leader, there would be a vocal opposition making lots of noise. Is anybody ever really happy on this planet? The real purpose of this hell we live in is to help to look forward without fear.


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Karen Mangus said...

We can look forward without fear, when we cross over. He did not promise a perfect world, without adversities we can not learn our lessons on earth. It would be nice if we could get alone, but different religions, races, colors, creeds, make us such animals that fight for our existance. Remember, we have the better way to live, look and love.