Sunday, October 3, 2010

Karma does not play well with others.

 I might be the only one that does this, look back on why I let people screw me over. It was so easy to blame the devil or evil forces. Those people had deceived me. The evil bastards! I just felt so sorry for myself, crying was not out of the question. The politicians had told us all that happy days are here again, there would be a chicken in every pot. Gas in every tank. The Government would tuck us in so nice and secure, safer than a mothers arms. How about that money that we loaned and never were payed back, they seemed so sincere. How many events can be brought back to memory. How about that time when nothing but rudeness was shown to us, a complete stranger. Being hateful to our kids.
Personally, I don't care anymore about those things. I repeat that statement many times a day. Some of those people that were on top of the world and judging me so harshly have now been visited by Karma. But in the great scheme of things, pay back does not really matter. Karma will handle the payback.
  It was once said," holding anger and wanting revenge at any cost is very much like drinking poison, then waiting on the other person to die!"


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Buenohead said...

It was shared to me like this - when we hold on to anger, we are building walls around ourselves that is being filled with the poop (not the word in the example I got) of the other person. It's up to me to decide how much poop I want to bury myself in before I drown in it or let it go.

I could smell it by the time he finished the example and I was ready to let it go. Stinky.