Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Joy or Pain. What is life, really?

This is a picture of a girl that was about 10 yrs old. She had a life shortening disease that made her age about 9 years to 1 lived. The oldest she can live is about 14 years. It is a fatal disease called Progeria. I lost a cousin to Progeria.   What is her life, Joy or Pain?

I know a lady that had Stage 4 Cervical Cancer. She underwent radical treatment which saved her life. She has made it 20+ years so far. The side affects of the treatment is multiple trips to the hospital every year for all the things that were damaged in the treatment. Tough lady. What is her life, Joy or Pain?

A family loses their 18 year old son to a middle of the day, angry, upset, drunk driver. This was the baby of the family. Drunk Driver never had anything charged against him.  Joy or Pain?

People are suffering all around us, some want due to being lazy. Some can not help themselves, they need a hand up and not a hand out. They still have pride so they are embarrassed to ask for help. Joy or Pain?

I said all this for a reason. You all know me, there is a reason. I had a Preacher tell me that all these people have to go to hell when they die. Why, you may ask. Because none of these people belong to his religion. You decide. Do any of these people deserve to go to the preachers hell, or have they had quite enough hell here in this body?



Jolene said...

By all means JOY!!!
The insights, the people, the healings, the Lord, prayer from total strangers...without the pain I would have never experienced these things. What a gift!

Tough Lady

Jolene said...

Turn your wounds into wisdom.


Karen Mangus said...

My son went when he was suppose to go, JOY, PAIN because we miss him on a daily bases. These are journeys of many people. Mine, made me who I am and proud to have known him for 18 yrs. PROUD