Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Buying is Done

 I was looking for ideas for gifts for the holidays. So while looking in some old magazines for some old time gifts, I came across this outstanding idea. Some may not like the gift, but they can always take it to store and get 6 or 7 bucks back. Taking gifts back is normal, so why be offended. The others will be joyful.  What about the kids you ask, well I thought about them too, they get the candy version. Can't leave them out, can we. My shopping is all done now, and think about this, I wont be running about frantically looking for gifts at the last moment. Yes indeed, now everyone will know that I care!



mzchief said...

Gifting a box of cigarettes is the ideal gift for those family members who are NOT at the top of the "People I Love List." It always such a bonus when you can solve 2 problems with 1 answer. Is there a better gift for those family members?

Karen Mangus said...

I wish your Christmas was bought, I better not get that. LOL I get the jester.
Your Love