Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am such a easy touch!

Every once in a while we are requested to throw convention to the wind. The picture you see is the end result of my throwing. There is this little 7 year old girl that needed one more set of toes to work on, so guess who was selected. Yep, easy old me. It is hard to believe the power of hugs and kisses, along with sweet little words like "Please Pops, I promise you will be happy!"
Before you could shake a stick she was filing away on the nails. She worked on every part of my feet, spending about 20 minutes including a massage! After all of this pampering she asked the question,"what color do you want Pops?" I told her any one she wanted and of course she had her mind made up, 5 different colors it would be! She did such a fine job that a monthly appointment could be a part of my future. No, not really! However she did let me know that for Christmas the new job would be Red and Green, along with some little trees painted on.  Can't wait!



Jolene said...

They look perfectly lovely....I mean that in a manly, macho kinda way!

Karen said...

That was so cute. You are my macho man even if you still have different colored toes. You made our granddaughter so happy.