Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lost and Found

My 5 year old grandson and I went to the Mall. Just a looking around trip, until he saw the toy store. Man, he was gone like a bullet, out of sight before I could catch him. There was a lot of people milling about, I asked everyone if they had seen the little runaway?  No was the answer. Before long the announcement came  out thru the PA system, "Pops Mango, come to Chili's please!"
Off I went. There he was, with mall security, waiting for me. He had told the people in the toy store that his pops was lost. They asked him, "what is his name and what is he like?"  The young stool pigeon said, "women with big boobs, cold beer, and Chili's ." So we brought him here, and paged you.
Grandma is going to have a fit over this one.



King of New York Hacks said...

Kid 1 - Pop 0 LOL , funny stuff.

AnObiter said...

Oh, my....the Little One upped you for sure, Pops! ;-)

starryeyeddreamer said...

that's one smart