Monday, November 15, 2010

True Love!

This past weekend I took a short trip north. Yes sir, it was to Las Vegas on the Red, The Red River. In the middle of the nowhere Oklahoma is the promise, of extreme wealth. 
So excited was I, that when the turn into the parking lot came up, we made the turn on two wheels, in my pickup. The truck was barely stopped when we all jumped out and started running for the door, Wealth was Waiting! Still running, the guys in the blue jackets slowed us down, and told us to get our I.D.s, then we could enter the Casino.
After what seemed like several hours, we had our I.D.s and we walked into a world of sounds, smells, flashing lites. Had we entered Heaven? Where do I start?  It turned out the answer was right in front of me, The Aztec's Gold. I only have $50 to spend, and this machine is only a penny. I put a $20 in the machine, thinking that would be enough, pushed the spin button, lights flashed, wheels spun and bells rang. I just knew that I was a millionaire, waiting, waiting, waiting. Please Play again. What? So I hit the button again, same story, same answer. What should I do? I tried a few more times, still not a single win. So I decided to cash out, hit the button and got back 75cents out of 20 bucks. I called for an attendant and said," I thought a penny machine meant a penny." She replied and mentioned the button I was using was the Max Bet button. Max Bet! Whats that? So she explained it so I could understand. Oh well, stupid on my part, time to look around and see the sights.
There are many Bars and Fancy Cafes, Gift Shops, Poker Tables, and don't forget The Machines! As the self guided tour continued, IT HAPPENED, THE LIGHTS DIMMED, THE SOUNDS STOPPED, AND IT APPEARED THE HEAVENS OPENED UP AND SHINED A LIGHT DOWN WITH THE ANGELS SINGING. THERE SHE WAS, RED HOT RUBY. This was a sign that great fortune was just in reach, and my day would be a success. Yes Sir, I was about to become a Millionaire. Ruby looked at me and smiled, she was so trusting in her look, such honest eyes. She wanted me and I wanted her to bless me with great fortune. I seemed to float to her waiting arms and put the Last $30 I had in the money slot. Hit the button and waited. Defeat. Please play again. Ruby seemed to whisper, "I was just teasing, try again, it will be better, Promise!" So the Promise Button was pushed again, this time I won a dollar back. Is this divine? Ruby speaks again,"trust me, all I want to do is please you and make you rich!" With this promise, all worries are now gone. Riches, here I come! I just start pushing the button, lites are flashing, bells and buzzers, Ruby's nervous laughter. After a while, when I look at my balance, shock and doom hit me like a bull in a rodeo. There is only enough money left for 1 more spin. "Ruby, you promised to make me rich, you said not to worry, whats the deal," I asked and continued, " You know that is all the money I have!" Ruby whispered back, "I saved the best for last, just to please you. Go ahead, and push the button big boy!" The sound of her voice was angelic and intoxicating. Mash the promise button one more time. The wheels start spinning and bells ringing. Spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning, finally the first wheel stops on the Jackpot Icon! The second wheel slow down, slowly, slower, Wow it stops on the Jackpot! One more wheel and I win $10,000 cash. The wheel spins for what seems like an hour. Now it is slowing, slowing, slowing, almost stopped, the Jackpot is coming up, getting closer. Ruby is about to give me that big old winning kiss! Closer, closer, closer, just a little more, new tires for my pickup and a new saddle for my horse, there it is, THERE IT IS, THERE IT IS.... DAMN!! THE WHEEL STOPPED JUST SHORT OF THE JACKPOT.  I dropped my head, Ruby laughed as I turned and walked away. Then on the way out, sat Barbie's Golden Treasure. I will see you next time Barbie.


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